10 Stunning Zen Water Fountains For Outdoor Landscaping (2019)


Garden water fountains have been evolving with numerous designs to suit the tastes of different gardeners.

Undoubtedly, water fountains will surely compliment the accent of your delicately planed space and turn it into one more attractive to the visiting wild animals as well.

For those enthusiastic Japanese garden lovers, likewise, here is a list of awesome zen water fountains for outdoor landscaping.

Delicately constructed, they will add brisk movements and lend endless oriental charms to your yard.

1. Japanese Bamboo Water Fountain Kit

Designed in reference to the wash basin in Japanese tea garden, this delicate fountain comes all in one, including with submersible pump, square bowl and the top bamboo style spout.


@ Japanese Bamboo Water Fountain Kit

Dimension: 8 x 16 x 16 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 9 pounds

Quiet fountain pump enables the water shed from the bamboo style tube into the square bowl, creating soothing sounds.

Simple design allows for flexible DIY.

It is optional to keep aquatic plants or fish in the bowl to enrich your outdoor environment.

2: Cascading Marble Pillar Bowl Fountain

Features with pillar shape body, the fountain’s submersible pump drives the water cascade from the top bowl down the way to the bottom pillar.

Trickling waterflow and romantic warm light will sweep away your stress instantly.


@ Cascading Marble Pillar Bowl Fountain

Dimension: 15 x 17 x 34.5 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 30.6 pounds

Its artificial marble finish and artistically engraved patterns overflow with strong oriental tastes, making it an excellent addition to the zen landscape.

3: Meditating Buddha Water Fountain

Spruce up your space with stunning zen accent by attaining this peaceful Buddha fountain.

Aged finish and cracked details will bring quaint element to your garden.

Powerful water pump makes the water gush from the lotus held by Buddha’s hands and flow back into the water reservoir through the seam on the bottom base.

Meditating Buddha Water Fountain

@ Meditating Buddha Water Fountain

Dimension: 20 x 20 x 34 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 31.9 pounds

Relieve from a hectic day by just plugging in this calming meditating Buddha fountain.

Its soothingly flowing water and peaceful figure will bath you in zen and tranquil atmosphere, with the unnecessary stress totally be get rid of instantly.

4: Japanese Bamboo Deer Chaser Fountain Kit

Designed exactly in accordance to the famous Japanese deer chaser – a device that could be traced far back into the history and was set up to drive away the deer, birds and other wild animals in ancient times.

What makes this water feature distinctive is: the fountain features not only fascinating water sound, but also intriguing motion.

Its bamboo arm will lean forward when its front part is filled with water, then will lean back again when its empty and create a clear ‘clacking’ sound.


@Japanese Bamboo Deer Chaser Fountain Kit

Dimension: 10 x 10 x 20 inches

Material: Finely treated bamboo

Weight: 1.0 pounds

With its silvery water flowing sound and gentle knocking of bamboo pole on the rock, the corner of your garden could not be more mesmerizing with this elegant fountain setting there.

5: Zen Frog Garden Fountain

Artistically designed, this fountain looks whimsical and peaceful at the same time.

Water spouted out from the mouth of the meditating frog thanks to the whisper-quiet pump and falls into the square basin in front of it, creating quite relaxing sound.


@ Zen Frog Garden Fountain

Dimension: 25 x 13.25 x 23 inches

Material: Premium cast stone concrete

Weight: 112 pounds

Though the price is a bit hefty, its heavy-duty construction material – cast stone and made-in-USA quality standard ensure worry-free and long-lasting enjoyment.

Creating peaceful water sound, this water feature displays overwhelming serenity and zen touch in your garden.

6: Copper Leaves Cascading Water Fountain

Features with standing tall, slime and elegant copper finish leaves, this delicate fountain strongly highlight the beauty of your space with soothingly cascading of water from the top leaves all the way down to the bottom.


@ Copper Leaves Cascading Water Fountain

Dimension: 13.5 x 10.5 x 41 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 18 pounds

Its high visually-pleasing design and peaceful water trickling will make you lost in the tranquil and refreshing atmosphere.

7: Japanese Lantern Fountain-Hexangular Roof

Amazing water fountain that takes inspiration from the famous Japanese stone garden lantern.

Water bubbles gently in the light house of the fountain and flows from the four side outlets down into the bottom basin, where it will be recirculated.


@ Japanese Lantern Fountain

Dimension: 15 x 15 x 25.2 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 24.2 pounds

You can imagine how poetic it will look like with its LED built in the light house create shimmering light and slightly illuminate the surrounding landscape in the night.

The porch or patio will be greatly enhanced with serene and zen sense with this delicate beautifully displayed lantern fountain.

8: Yukimi Japanese Lantern Fountain – Round Roof

Another awesome water fountain inspired by Japanese stone garden lantern in Yukimi style.

Brings peace, tranquility and beauty at the same time to your garden with this stunning fountain.


@ Japanese Lantern Fountain

Dimension: 18.11 x 18.11 x 27.76 inches

Material: Polyresin

Weight: 39 pounds

Its quaint design plus trickling water and soft illumination will turn your space into a zen oasis in no time and guarantee intense soothing effects.

9: Bird Drinking Fountain

An adorable fountain features with three feathery birds playing around the gently bubbling water.

It is so vivid that it will not only please all your visitors, but will attract more avian friends who are looking for water source to clean their feathers and cool themselves off in the hot summer.


@ Whimsical Birds of a Feather Cast Stone Fountain

Dimension: 18 x 18 x 23.75 inches

Material: Cast stone concrete

Weight: 119 pounds

With artistic finish and highly durable material, this fountain could seamlessly blend into any space and shed tranquil touches for years to come.

10: Asian Inspired Pagoda Fountain

Create a peaceful and meditative oasis in your yard with this Asian inspired fountain.

Water wells up from the top pagoda and gently cascade down to the lower bowls.

Reminiscent of a peaceful zen temple sitting atop a mountain, with crystal clear spring trickling down from the mountain.


@ Asian Inspired Pagoda Water Fountain

Dimension: 21 x 24.5 x 25.5 inches

Material: Resin

Weight: 28 pounds

With traditional Asia design and flickering light that radiates from the water, this fountain stands to bring you soothing effects and a sense of calm.

Do you like them?

zen-garden-waterSummer is an ideal time to sit outside and enjoy the nature.

It is undoubted that the cozy environment in your garden will be greatly enhanced with outdoor fountains demonstrate vibrant waters there.

The peaceful water feature will not only please your family, but also transform your space into a more attractive one for wild animals.

While there are plentiful types of fountains to choose from, you may consider zen water fountains for outdoor landscaping this summer.

With elegant Asian inspired design, the zen fountain will surely lend endless oriental charms to the environment and bring meditative soothing effects to you.

So which fountain that mentioned above do you like most? Welcome to chime in and leave your comments.

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  1. My wife wants a small water fountain in our living room. I like the third picture of the cascading marble bowl fountain. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I’ll search online for a water fountain shop so we can buy a fountain for our living room.

    1. Hi Jay, thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like the products that listed, do hope they will give you some inspirations for choosing a nice fountain for your house.

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