Tips On Maintain Outdoor Water Fountain-Prolong The Fountains Performance Life


Water fountain is a very good decorative item for your garden or house. It will confer a relaxing and natural touch upon your living environment.

But as other furniture or machinery tools in your house, the fountains especially those set in outdoors, needs regular maintenance and care, so as to keep its optimum performance and prolong its running life.

Here we are going to share some actionable tips on how to maintain outdoor water fountain.

Let’s dive in.

Change The Water Inside the Fountain Reservoir Regularly

outdoor-water-fountainThe water fountain is made of polyresin or cement material. The material is laid into the fountain’s silicone mould, then several layers of fiberglass cloth will be added onto the material to make the fountain products more strong and heavy-duty.

Normally, some residual materials will be left inside the fountain body.

As soon as the new water fountain is assembled, we should wash out the residual materials inside the fountain body, to keep off the residues polluting the water in the long run.

Watch Out! Wear gloves when doing this job! The residual materials inside the fountain could be sharp and harm your hands.

After the fountain running for some time, some dirt, debris and other contaminants will get into the water, which will make the water eutrophic and smell bad. Unclean water, especially the scale that it tends to breed, can damage the pump as well.

Our suggestion is: change the water in the fountain once a week in spring and summer, while half month a time in autumn and winter.

Smaller fountains (that are light enough to be lifted) the water can be emptied by simply inverting the fountain and letting the water pour away through a suitable drain or sink. Larger (heavier) fountains – water can be removed by using a large sponge or by purchasing a simple siphon pipe available from aquatic supply stores.

Always shut off the power before cleaning and maintaining the fountain or pump.

Clean The Fountain Body

The fountain, especially those stay in the outdoor, is bound to collect some dirt and debris that will make it looks far less than its best.

The fountain body can be cleaned using a soft cloth and clean water. For the stubborn dusts on the fountain, the gas exploder can blow all them away.

And there is various fountain maintenance and care products available on the market. The products are available to preserve the radiance on the surface of the fountain or help to remove built up mineral deposits, such as calcium.

Maintain The Pump Properly

fountain-submersible-pumpPump is the heart of the water fountain. The fountain will look lifeless if the pump stop running or in bad condition.

Make sure that the pump is fully submerged into the water during operation. If the pump run dry for a long time, the pump will get too heated, thus damaging the motor inside it.

Make sure the pump is connected to the water tube tightly. Check the fountain tubing regularly for kinks and obstructions.

Usually, there will be a plastic filtering part on the cover of the pump. Some big debris or obstructions tend to collect on the filter part. Clean the filter with brushes from blockages.

While some smaller size impurities will run into the rotor with the drawing water, which may lead to abnormal sounds. We have to turn off the power supply and check the rotor assembly as follows:

  1. Remove the pump cover and rotor plate from the front.
  2. Grip the impeller and gently take out the rotor assembly from the pump.
  3. Rinse the motor assembly and the housing with clean water in order to remove any grit or debris and reassemble once cleaned. The pump should be cleaned once a week or once per two weeks at least likewise.

Protect Your Fountain During The Winter

fountain-protection coverThe first thing we should do to protect your outdoor fountain during winter is draining empty all the water inside the fountain. As the water will freeze under Zero Celsius temperatures. And the freeze water, which will expand, tend to cause significant damage to the exterior of the fountain and the color finishing on its surface as well.

Ideally, the best way to protect the fountains during winter is to disassemble it and bring it indoors, such as your garage or shed.

While it is best to bring in all your outdoor water fountains indoors during the punishing winter months, bringing a large and heavy fountain indoors each winter is no easy feat.

There are many specifically-made, waterproof fountain protection cover available on the market. Choose one according to your fountain’s size and cover at least the fountain basin. So the water feature will be ready for use once the warm weather comes around again.

How To Deal With Water Leaking?

Not all “leaky” decorative water fountains are actually leaking. In many instances, what appears to be a leak is actually excess water flowing or splashing over the sides of the basin.

If there is indeed a leaking problem, don’t worry, it can be well solved.

Before repairing, make sure that the electrical devices are power off. Drain empty the water inside the reservoir of the fountain and locate the leaking crack or pinhole.

Keep in mind that the leaking crack or pinhole should be dry and waterless, so the repairing materials could be well attached and sealed on that position.

  • It is most recommended to use AB glue to seal the water leakage position for long-term sealing.
  • Use glue gun, melt glue stick, seal the leaking place.
  • Use Plasticine or silicone compound to seal the leak.


outdoor-water-fountainWater fountains can bring some special peaceful and relaxing feelings to your indoor house and outdoor garden. But proper maintenance is necessary to keep the fountain in its good condition and prolong its performance life.

It is suggested to replenish the water in the fountain’s reservoir regularly. And clean the exterior of the water fountain likewise with cloth or ideally with some cleaning products available on the market.

Pump is the heart of the fountain, we should attach special care to it.

To avoid significant damages to your fountain, it is highly recommended dissembling the water fountain and store in the indoor place or cover it directly with some protection covers.

Under proper and careful maintenance, the fountain will be still in good conditions for many years to come and bring your great joyfulness.

13 thoughts on “Tips On Maintain Outdoor Water Fountain-Prolong The Fountains Performance Life

  1. I love fountains in yards! My mother has always maintained either a fountain or a pond in our yards, even now that she lives in the desert. It’s increased the wildlife we often see because birds and small animals love to come for a drink.

    This is a great article on keeping those fountains clean. They can be a lot of work, but they are so worth it!

    1. Thanks kelli! Yes, it is indeed that fountains could bring a touch of nature to any environment. Similar as taking care of the garden, maintain the fountains also calls for consistent efforts, so as to ensure the fountains work at its optimal.

  2. I agree that having a fountain in or out of doors is a wonderful thing to create a serene atmosphere. I used to have one years ago and did not know how to properly maintain it. I could have used your post back then. You are very thorough here. Thank you for this vary valuable information.

  3. I agree that having a fountain in or out of doors is a wonderful thing to create a serene atmosphere. I used to have one years ago and did not know how to properly maintain it. I could have used your post back then. You are very thorough here. Thank you for this vary valuable information.

    1. Thanks Dina!
      Glad to know that you like this post. Maintain one fountain regularly is quite important to ensure the fountain run at its optimization in the long term. Welcome back to check our tips if you buy a new fountain in the future.

  4. Thank you for talking about protecting the outdoor fountain during winter. My husband and I are looking at installing a fountain in our backyard, but we want to make sure that we understand the logistics of care before we do. We’ll be sure to really pay attention to this so that we can keep our fountain in good condition year round.

    1. Thank you Gerty! The water fountain can definitely bring a touch of natural to your yard and make you feel relaxed in no time. Hope my post will help you a little in maintain the fountain.

  5. I like how you mentioned that regular maintenance is very important especially when it comes to protecting an outdoor water fountain during the winter since equipment has a tendency to freeze over during the cold months. Another thing to remember is that the water found with the fountain has to be replaced regularly since it circulates inside the structure and may cloud and blur over time. If I had the chance to decorate the garden I would definitely add an outdoor fountain because they look pretty!

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for checking my post. You are totally right. Regular maintenance is quite important jobs that we should do in order to make the fountains run at its optimum in the long run. You are warmly welcome to back here to share your fountain care experience with us after your add one fountain in your garden!

  6. Thanks for pointing out that we should drain outdoor fountains before winter to make sure the exterior and color finishing don’t get damaged. My husband and I are decorating the backyard of our new home and want to get a a small water fountain to add to the atmosphere of the yard. I wasn’t sure how to take care of it, so your tip to drain it before winter will really help out.

    1. Hi Daphne, thanks for checking this post. I do hope that the tips that i mentioned will be helpful to you maintain your fountains in the future. If there is any more questions or anything i can help, please feel free to come back and leave the questions.

  7. I didn’t know that protecting the fountain during the cold season was a thing and that you’d have to drain out all the water when that happens. When a fountain is left outside in the garden during winter time, I had no idea that you could use a waterproof fountain cover so that you can bring in a fountain to protect it during the winter months. If I owned an outdoor fountain I would want to make it possible to keep it when the cold comes.

    1. Hi Arianna, thanks for stopping by and checking this post. Taking care of fountains when winter season comes is surely an important step needed to be taken in order to ensure the fountain run at its optimum in the long run. Do hope this post will give you some ideas and will be helpful for your fountain maintenance.

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