Tips On How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of The Fountain


Water fountains are excellent decorative items for your garden and indoor rooms.

The soothing water flowing sound and the delicate lights that the fountains creates brings a touch of nature and beauty to any environment.

While, same as other art ware or furniture that we purchase, we need to carry regular maintenance for the water fountains, so as to keep the fountains run at its peak and prolong its performance life.

One of the questions concerning fountain maintenance that I am frequently asked is: How to keep mosquitoes out of the fountain or how to prevent mosquitoes breeding in water fountain?

If the water fountain stops running for some time, the mosquito will breed from the water, spoiling the outdoor and indoor environment and making the user experience uncomfortable.

This might stop people from purchasing water fountains for their house. Here we will share some tips how to keep the mosquitoes out of the fountain.

Why Fountains Breed The Mosquitoes?

garden-water-fountainThe life of a mosquito is closely associated with water.

The life cycle of mosquitoes goes through four stages: egg, larvae, chrysalis, and then mosquitoes.

Mosquito tends to lay eggs in stagnant water. The eggs become larvae, which will live in the water. The larvae grow into chrysalis, floating on the water surface. And the chrysalis transform into mosquitoes after breaking.

After water fountains, especially the outdoor garden fountains, stop running for some time, the water inside it getting dirty gradually.

Dusts, leaves and other impurities will get into the water, leading the water become eutrophic.

Since the fountain is not running, its stagnant water is ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and incubate.

The Plankton, fungi, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms that germinate in the standing water are perfect food for the larvae as well.

Here are some tips on keeping the mosquitoes out of the fountain.

Clean The Inside Body Of The Water Fountain

The water fountain is made of polyresin or cement material. The material is laid into the fountain’s silicone mould, then several layers of fiberglass cloth will be added onto the material to make the fountain products more strong and heavy-duty.

Normally, some residual materials will be left inside the fountain body.

As soon as the new water fountain is assembled, we should wash out the residual materials inside the fountain body, to keep off the residues polluting the water in the long term.

Watch Out! Wear gloves when doing this job! The residual materials inside the fountain could be sharp and harm your hands.

While we cannot prevent the water getting polluted, we can minimize the chance of water deterioration in the long run by cleaning the inside body of the fountain.

Grow Mosquitoes Repellent Plants Near The Fountains


Jasmine is an extremely  popular plant around the world.

Its white flowers are quite delicate and the pleasant fragrance that distributed by them make people feel refreshing

jasmine-flowerJasmine flowers can be put indoors to kill bacillus of tuberculosis, dysentery, diphtheria during hot summer season.

And its fragrance can serve as natural mosquitoes repellent as well.

Many mosquitoes repelling products on the market get the aroma of jasmine flower.

In addition, Jasmine flower is an important raw material for flower tea and perfume compound thanks to its delicate smell.

Jasmine calls for  rich manure in its growing soil.

Its flowers can open three times a year as long as it is properly maintained

If the fertilizer is insufficient or lacking of nutrients, Jasmine will not come into flower again in the year after its first blossom.

While if management is in place, it can keep blossoming from the end of May to the beginning of November.


mintEveryone is familiar with mint, which is a major component in the cool ointment we use often.

It gets a unique aroma and is refreshing. But for mosquitoes, that’s an entirely different situation, the mint’s scent will make them stun.

Mint not only can drive away mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects such as fleas, it can also help to sterilize the environment and refresh the air.

Additionally, the herbal teas made with mint has many healing efficacy, such as heat-cleaning, and stomach invigorating.


Lavender is a blue-violet flower, with flower shape like wheat ears, usually blossoming in June.

Planting lavender at home can add some romantic atmosphere to your environment.

Lavender itself has excellent insecticidal effect, so people often pack lavender into a sachet and put in the cabinet as mosquito repellent.lavender-blossom

Have a pot of lavender growing on your bedroom is also awesome. It can not only repel mosquitoes, its aroma helps one relax as well if you suffer from anxiety and bring calmer night sleep.

Lavender prefers a cool, dry environment that does not require frequent watering. Make sure the soil is with good drainage, no water accumulates on the soil and ground. Otherwise, you will lose the whole plants.


Another excellent mosquitoes repellent plants,the unique scent that the Geraniums makes will drive the mosquitoes right way.

geraniumGenerally, the higher the temperature, the stronger the fragrance of the geranium, and the better the mosquito repellent effect. In the hot summer, its scent is refreshing, and can repel hundreds of insects.

Geranium is suitable for planting indoor.

Its unique lemon scent makes the house suffuse with fragrance. It contains a plant DNA structure that can purify the air, helping to improve the air quality in the living room.

Geranium is resistant to drought and need little water during growth. Even if the weather is hot, just make sure the soil is moist.

In addition to the above mentioned list, there are some other popular plants with certain mosquito repellent effects, such as marigold, rosemary etc.

Plant some mosquitoes repellent plants will sure help to keep mosquitoes out of the fountain, preventing the insects laying eggs into the fountains. The natural plants combined with the soothing water flow from the water fountains definitely will bring more natural sense to your garden or indoor environment.

Use Natural Remedy Mosquito Repellent

Referring to mosquito control, the most direct or effective way would be chemical ways.

Many insecticides or mosquitoes spray on the market could easily drive away the insects and keep mosquitoes out of the fountain.

The standing water in the fountain, when fountain stops operation for some time, will turn into a breeding bed for mosquitoes. Their eggs will be laid into the fountain water.

While the traditional mosquitoes control products will address the adult mosquito population, the larvae stay safe in the fountain water.

Obviously, in addition to the traditional mosquitoes repellent products, the larvicide product should be taken into consideration as well. It can stop the eggs growing into the blood-suck pests that we hate.Natural-Remedy-Mosquito-Repellent

When purchasing mosquitoes insecticide products for your fountain, keep in mind that:

  • The repellent should be not contain any poisons. Expect the mosquitoes or other insects, it should be safe to your pets and any child. As the pets or wild animals in the garden tend to drink waters in the fountains.
  • The repellent should not be acidic or even corrosive. As the acidic or corrosive liquid will significantly damage the finishing on the water fountains.

Natural remedy mosquito repellent is strongly recommended to use to keep the mosquitoes out of the fountain. As it is made with natural ingredients, contains no poison and great around children and pets.

Reduce The Standing Water Near The Water Fountain

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.

We recommend that aside from using mosquito repellents to keep the mosquitoes out of the fountain, it is better that you can remove, reduce or treat any stagnant bodies of water near the fountain, minimizing the breed spaces of mosquitoes to its utmost.

Regularly Exchange The Fountain’s Water

Taking care garden and landscapes in the yard needs consistent efforts.

Apart from grow mosquitoes repellent plants near the fountain and apply mosquitoes repellent, it is better that you do your due diligence to exchange the fountains’ water regularly.

After running for a certain period of time, the purity of water in the fountain will deteriorate gradually in three ways:

1: The fountain body is not 100% clean. The residual materials inside the fountain body and the painting on the surface of the fountain will soil the water during operation.

2: The fountains, specially the outdoor garden fountain, will collect some leaves and dust inevitable.

3: The insects or other wild animals will affect the purity of the water as well.

The deteriorated water will become eutrophic, breeding bacteria and microorganisms. The stagnant water, as soon as the fountains stop running, tends to attract the mosquitoes to lay eggs in it.

Normally, it takes around 5 days for the larvae growing into the annoying adult mosquitoes. Set a sanitation routine, and exchange the water in the fountain every five days. Get rid of the biting insects before they growing into adults.

By the way, exchange the water in the fountain regularly is a job that should be done to ensure the optimal operation of the fountain pumps as well. As the impurities in the water will bring great damage to the pumps in some circumstances.


Water fountains are excellent decorative items for your garden and indoor environment.

While the mosquito populations, attracted by the waters in the fountain, might change the way you enjoy the soothing water flowing.

To keep the mosquitoes out of the fountain, it is our suggestion that you clean the inside body of the water fountain as soon as you purchase one from the store, preventing the residual materials inside the fountain polluting the water in the long term.

garden-water-featureExchange the fountain’s water regularly, getting rid of the larvae before they growing into the bothersome mosquitoes.

And grow mosquitoes repellent plants, driving away the blood-sucking pests hanging around the water fountains.

The most direct method would be take use of mosquitoes repellent products to stop the infestation of the insects.

We strongly recommend the natural remedy mosquito repellent, to avoid hazards for the pets and other wild animals that might drink water from the fountains.

Hope the tips mentioned above will be helpful. If you have any questions or comments, we are more than happy to see you leave below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I never thought before there is such a thing as mosquitoes repellent plants, which means there’s still a way other than the chemical ways to keep insects away. Good info.

    1. Hi Lan, yes, though use chemical ways is more direct way, grow mosquitoes repellent plants is indeed a much more natural way to drive away the mosquitoes. And the plant, by itself, will make your house or garden looks more fascinating.

  2. Hey Shaun, lots of good information! We don’t have a fountain, but would love one. We dug out a pond for our dogs to cool in, and used a rigid pond water liner. The problem we have with it is that it turns green if I don’t consistantly put pool chemicals into it. I would rather not do that. I have also noticed that my dogs are not even using the pool when I have to keep dumping the chlorine into it. Who can blame them? If I don’t, the water is soon green again, disgusting looking and frogs are hopping in there to live. What is the solution?

    1. Hi Marilyn, thanks for checking. Concerning your situation, i quite understand that, because the pond liner is sealed at the bottom. The water in the pond is stagnant as well. After keeping the water inside it for some time, the pond will getting dirty gradually for sure.

      I’m not sure if your pond is big or not. If the pond is big enough, maybe you can consider plants some water pond plants. The aquatic plants can help to clean the pond to some extent. Maybe you can check my another post for reference:

      And apart from that, there are many pond filter system available on the market. Maybe there is one system quite suitable to your pond. The system could help you to run a healthy algae-free pond.

      Finally, it is my suggestion that you need to put more efforts on the pond caring… exchange the water inside it as regular as possible.. Well, garden caring calls for a lot efforts.But it worth.

  3. Hello Shaun,

    I am so glad that I read your article. This is very helpful especially that I love gardens. I often stay in my garden during late afternoons and yes, there are lots of mosquitoes. I now have an idea what plants i will add to my collection.

    Jasmine is not just beautiful to the eyes but also a mosquito repellent.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Thanks Joyce. I’m glad that my post is helpful to you!

      It is indeed the mosquitoes and other insects can destroy the way we enjoy the garden. Hope you can minimize the mosquito population by growing the mosquito repelling plants in your garden.

  4. I agree that mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant waters, so as you’ve said it’s best to reduce the standing water near the water fountain. My mom is planning to buy apple barrel cascading fountain for her garden, and I heard the close association mosquitos and water fountain. So it’s very helpful when I read your article. You provided useful tips on how to get rid of mosquitos. I will follow your suggestions to surround it with mosquito repellent flowers, and always reduce stagnant waters near the fountain when my mother buy one soon.

    1. Hi Bree Ward, thanks for stopping by and checking this post. Glad to know that your mom is going to bring in one fountain for her garden. The fountain, with its artistic design and silvery water flowing sound, will surely lend endless enjoyment to the yard. Hope the tips i mentioned in this post will help you to get rid mosquitoes out of the fountain, so you can rest at ease to enjoy the fountain!

  5. Thanks for explaining that jasmine is a popular option to plant near fountains because it both repels mosquitoes and has a refreshing fragrance. My husband and I moved into a new home recently and still need to add some decorations to the backyard. I’m glad I read your article because I really like the idea of getting an outdoor fountain, and now I know how to keep it mosquito-free!

    1. Hi Daphne Gilpin, thanks for stopping by and checking my post. A nice outdoor fountain will surely lend endless enjoyment to your garden with flowing water making silvery sound in the yard. It will definitely please your guests and the wildlife as well. And by planting mosquito-repellent plants around it will not only keep off the annoying pets, but will spruce up your garden too.

  6. I had no idea that jasmine could be used in so many ways including to keep the mosquitoes away. I love nature and I would love if I could see more animals in my backyard. That is why I think I will purchase some water fountains for my back lawn and include planting some jasmine.

    1. Hi Skylar, thanks for stopping by. Yes, jasmine is not only visually pleasing, but will help to refresh the air and help to keep off the mosquitoes with its fresh fragrance.
      Though its efficacy is not as obvious as chemical repellent, but it is worth trying.
      And I cannot agree with you more that taking in a water feature is a great way to spruce up your space. The fountain looks enticing and can provide water source to animals as well.

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