Resin Water Fountains Or Cement Water Fountains-Which Is A Better Selection For Your Yard?

cement water fountain

As an intriguing replication of the natural water flow, water fountain has won wide popularity around the world for decades.

The enticing flowing water and the soothing water sound that it brings will create a tranquil oasis in our space and unplug us from a hectic day.

Fountains can be make from many kinds of materials: resin, cement (or concrete), metal etc. Each kind of fountain gets its own characters.

For those who have not brought fountains into their space and are considering taking in one. It is important to master some knowledge about the fountains before making purchase decision.

Here we will walk through you mainly about the difference between resin water fountains and cement(or concrete) water fountains. Hopefully will be helpful to you to choose an ideal fountain for your living space.

Resin Water Fountains


  • Numerous Designs To Choose From

Resin material could be easily shaped.

Thus the designer could design the water fountains in rich and complicated forms to demonstrate the beauty of different themes or styles such as natural, classical, modern, religious etc.

So there is a wide range of different fountain designs to choose from according to your tastes and the decor of your living space.

Fairy Shell Outdoor Water Fountain

Fairy Shell Water Feature, 30 Inch – For Patio, Backyard, and Lawn 

  • Rich In Color

The adhesion of color painting on the resin material is outstanding.

Under the masterful crafts of color-painting, the finish of the resin water fountains could be very natural and lifelike.

  • Light In Weight

The weight of the resin water fountain is not so heavy, much lighter than fountains made from concrete.

Actually, the trait of light in weight contributes a lot to the resin water fountain’s wide popularity.

It will be much labor-saving if you would like to clean the fountain or relocate the fountains to other places in your garden. The cost for loading and shipping will be much cheaper accordingly.

  • Durable For Long Lasting Enjoyment

Light in weight does not mean that the resin water fountain is poor in quality. Conversely, resin is a very durable material.

It will never rot or break easily in the outdoors. It will perform well for around 2-4 years even longer in the outdoor environment if the weather is not so tough (for example, the temperature is freezingly cold  for a long time).


  • A Bit Rough Or Deformed In Surface

It is difficult to use resin material to produce fountains with very smooth surfaces.

Generally, the surface of the modern or contemporary style water fountains has to be smooth, so they will be looking more stylish and delicate.

But the resin material is a bit oleaginous. When mixing the resin material before putting it onto the fountains’ mold, some very small bubbles will come into being inside the material, which will make the surface of the resin water fountains looks not so smooth.

And the body of the resin fountain tend to deform a bit due to the material’s shrinkage after taken out from the mold.

  • Thin In Thickness

The resin material is laid onto the silicon mold of the fountain by hand.

The thickness of the fountain will be only around 3.0 -4.0 millimeter. We have to be very careful when maintaining or re-locating the fountains.

Cement Water Fountains


  • Premium In Quality For Many Years’ Enjoyment

The cement or concrete material that used to produce water fountain is not normal ones.

To prevent the fountain crack easily in the outdoor environment, the construction concrete material is quite premium, normally is durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

High standard materials contribute to outstanding quality, so the price of concrete fountain is generally quite hefty.

But it is worth it as concrete fountain could ensures trouble-free enjoyment for many years to come.

  • Blend Well Into Your Decor

The raw or sandstone finish of the concrete fountain looks very natural so can blend easily into a wide variety of settings.

concrete water fountain

Pebble Cast Stone Table Fountain 


  • Heavy In Weight

The cement water fountain is very heavy, making it really difficult to move or relocate.

And the cost of the shipping, without a doubt, is very costly.

  • Hefty In Prices

As mentioned, the concrete materials for the cement fountains are outstanding in quality. So the prices for the cement fountains is normally 2-3 times higher than its resin counterparts.

  • Potential ‘Alkali Accumulation’ Problem

Their is a serious problem for some cement water fountains, that is: after setting the concrete fountain in the outdoors for sometime, some places on the surface of the fountains will turn white, looking different with the rest places.

This phenomenon is called: ‘accumulation of alkali ‘.

During the hydration process of the cement material, excessive water will evaporate from the material as well.

And the salt & alkali in the cement material will come to the surface with the water vapor.

After the water evaporating, the salt & alkali will remain on the surface of the cement fountains.

This will make the cement water fountains looks weird and not nice.

While this situation could be daunting, but let me put you at ease that not all concrete fountains will have such problem.

Usually, this will happen only when the cement material used to make the fountains are not mixed well or the concrete material is in poor quality.

So as you can see whether resin water fountains or cement water fountains, they get their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the right fountains that mostly suit your needs.

But one thing we should pay attention is: as functional decorative items for our living environment, both kinds of fountains call for our efforts to maintain and take care of them.

The fountains are vulnerable to the freezing weather. We should protect them against the severely cold temperature with some fountains covers.

And we should also re-fresh the water inside the fountain regularly, to prevent the quality of water from deteriorating thus causing damage to the submersible pumps.

For how to maintain and care the fountains, you could check this article ‘Tips On Maintain Water Fountain‘.

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