5 Awesome Purple Ornamental Grasses That Will Gussy Up Your Space


Due to their rich colors, soft textures and stunning visual impacts, the beautifully displayed ornamental grasses have been adopted by growing numbers of gardeners for landscaping.

Ornamental grasses come in amazingly various sizes, shapes and colors to suit the different accents of carefully planned gardens.

They perform great in softening the edge of hard landscaping and serving as an intriguing contrast to other plants.

Here goes 5 awesome purple ornamental grasses, hopefully will please those obsessed with this magical color!

#1 Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Purple’

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Purple’, also named as purpe foxtail fountain grass, is a species of perennial grass native to Asia and Australia.

It is a warm season ornamental grass that grow gracefully in clumps and can reach up to 2-3′ tall and as wide.

With blossom period falls in July to October, purple foxtail fountain grass’s strikingly beautiful feather-like flowers will emerge from the upright clumps in late summer and reminiscent of water spouted from the fountain (where this ornamental grass get its name).

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Purple’

You can imagine the stunning view when this grass is grown alongside the pathway to your garden!

The increasing popularity of Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Purple’ owing not only to its fantastic forms and flowers, but also its easy care and low maintenance.

It is easily grown nearly in any soil except those with poor drainage.

Prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade as well. It is also deer resistant and is drought tolerant once established.

#2 Muhlenbergia capillaris

Another extremely popular purple ornamental grass that is widely applied in natural, residual and commercial space.

Native to eastern North America, Muhlenbergia capillaris, also known as hairawn muhly is a warm-season perennial hedge-like plant that grows to be about 30–90 cm (0.98–2.95 ft) tall and 60–90 cm (2.0–3.0 ft) wide.

Its delicate thin leaves is green in summer and will morph to copper like in fall.

Hairawn Muhly

And what mostly accomplish its exceptional charm is the purple-pink featherlike plumes.

Grow by clumps, Muhlenbergia capillaris creates spectacular cloudlike appearance when flowers grow out in middle September and last till the end of autumn.

Muhlenbergia capillaris is not picky on its growing soil. Moist soil with good drainage will be fine for it.

It prefers full sun and can tolerate partial shade.

Its hardiness and drought-tolerant properties make hairawn muhly easy to grow and calls for little care.

#3 Cortaderia argente (pampas grass)

Soften your landscape with this breathtaking and delicately swaying purple ornamental grass!

Pampas grass is a remarkably fast growing species that could reach up to 12 ft. or more tall.

Attractive as this ornamental grass looks, pampas grass could become invasive due to its strong vitality and environmental adaptability.

Purple Pampas grass Cortaderia selloana

So make sure you have huge acreages to locate it before taking it into your garden. Or you can restrict its wildly spread by potted grow pampas grass.

Pampas grass definitely will be the focal point of your space and stop your visitors’ traffic in late summer when long creamy plumes extend from its stems during September till October.

The color of its flowers could vary in white, pink or purple according to different species.

Pampas grass enjoys warm and sunny climate. Its strong resilience and tolerance of drought make it quite easy to grow.

Minimal care is needed once established.

#4 Phormium Tenax (New Zealand Flax)

Embellish your garden with coastal accent that brought by Phormium Tenax.

Phormium Tenax, also called New Zealand Flax, is a perennial plant native to New Zealand. It is frequently found in coastal areas.

New Zealand Flax grows in clumps and features with purple bronze, sword-shaped, stiffly ascending leaves, from where will sprout a much taller flower spike in red or orange color in mid summer.

New Zealand Flax(Picture Source: LandscapeResource.com)

It looks dramatic when grow amid mixed flower plants or at the edge of your lawn. It stands to be the centerpiece of your carefully planed flowerbed.

New Zealand Flax like full sun to partial shade and will do well in moist soils. And it is not fussy about the conditions once it is planted.

It is also preferable to grow them in containers.

#5 Cordyline fruticosa

Spruce your yard with tropical flavor by taking in Cordyline fruticosa.

It is believed to be native in areas of Southeast Asia.

Cordyline fruticosa

Cordyline fruticosa features with palm-like stems and brightened with upright pink-purple striped leaves. It will enrich your space with showy colors and make a great focal point in landscape or large containers.

Cordyline fruticosa does best in partially shaded place, but full sun exposure is also fine. And it appreciates good, rich well-drained soil.

Take A Try!

Purple-Ornamental-GrassesComes in a wide range of colors and textures, ornamental grass play an excellent role in softening the hard landscape and bringing rustic charms to practically all gardens and situations.

While there are plentiful varieties to choose from, purple ornamental grasses have won tons of fans thanks to its fantastic and showy color.

It is so eyecatching that stands to be a centerpiece in your space and could serve as an intriguing backdrop for other plants as well.

Your stress from a hectic day will be instantly swept off at the sound of light breeze whispering through the tall and dense clumps of grasses. While the shorter types can also be kept as an inspirational container planting to highlight the beauty of your space.

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