Patio Resin Table-Masterly Design: Combine Fountain With Glass Tabletop


patio-tableThe resin water fountain is a great decorative item for the house prettifying. It comes in various of designs, with its rich and natural color painting, the water fountain can bring a special aesthetic feeling to your home and courtyard, adding some artistic touch to your living circumstances. The natural sound of running water can make us feel peaceful and soothing as well.

Most of the resin fountains are made in the design or theme of natural wood or rock. Fountains in zen and jar design are also very popular. And there are many contemporary water fountains (or modern fountains) available as well. You can choose different fountains according to the decoration style of your home and courtyard.

The resin water fountains that we see on the market are mostly decorative. Here I will show you some fountains, which are both decorative and functional. The base of the product is a fountain, while the designer add one glass tabletop on it, making the product into an attractive patio resin table.

Wooden Peg Style Fountain Table

fountain-tableThe base of this resin table is 4 pieces wooden peg, tied together with rope. Actually, these piles and ropes are made of resin (also known as polyreisn or epoxy). Through careful painting, it looks like real.

This is one of the advantages of resin material: it can be shaped into any design as we wish. There are 3 pottery bowls on the stake and a classical pottery jar at the bottom. Water, stored in the bottom of the resin body, is drawn from the bottom by a submersible fountain pump, and then from the top pottery bowls smoothly to the bottom pottery jar.

The water flow is very gentle, and the soothing sound it creates will help you to relax in no time. One yellow LED light is built-in the jar. When it lights in the night, the whole environment will look romantically warm.

The top glass tabletop is connected to the below fountain via several suction pads. As they are not screwed connected, it is not recommended to place too heavy things on the glass tabletop. Some potted plants, books, etc. can be placed on it, and the total weight is preferably less than 10kg. Sitting and reading books near this amazing patio resin table, listening to the sound of natural water flowing, that is really relaxing.

Rock Style Fountain Table

rock-fountain table-patio resin tableThis is a water fountain table in natural rocks’ design. The fountain body is several stacked river rocks. The river rocks are made of resin materials as well, looks very natural under the skillful painting crafts. The water flow from the topmost rock all the way down to the lowest rock, and finally into the water reservoir at the bottom of the fountain. The water will be recirculated back to the top by the submersible water pump. The four tier waterfall runs smoothly. 3 pieces LED lights are built-in the fountain body, adding special charm to the product.

Above the fountain is a square glass tabletop, which is connected to the main body of the fountain by four suction pads. This table fountain looks very awesome and can be placed in the seating area of the courtyard, adding some charming touch to the courtyard.

Wood Style Fountain Table

This is a fountain table in rotten wood’s design. The fountain body is one hollowed rotten wood, padded with several round river rocks. The skilled painting craft make the fountain body looks very natural. The water falls down directly from the top of the rotten wood.

The structure of the fountain is simple, but the waterfall is magnificent. One white LED is featured on the bottom of the fountain body, illuminate the hollow of the rotten wood and enhance the dynamic aesthetic feeling of the fountain.

wood fountain table-patio-resin-table


Above are some patio resin table with very clever designs, a mixture of resin water fountain with glass tabletop, which are both decorative and functional. Putting such kind resin table at the patio or indoor will bring some aesthetic touch to your area. We can sit near the table, reading or having some coffee. The soothing water flowing sound will make us relaxed in not time.

Tips: As we will sit near the fountain table, be careful about the water that might splash out from the fountain. The water, flowing in the fountain, occasionally will produce some blisters. Once the blisters burst, the water drop will splash out.

If water splashing indeed exist, you can solve the problem by following the solutions as below:

Solution One: Put some floats grass (fake ones) or soft filter screen at the place where the waterfall will drop. The probability of bubble producing will be reduced by 80%, after the waterfall is filtered by the floats grass or soft filter screen. You can also put one cloth or carpet underneath the fountain to absorb the waters that might splash out.

Solution Two: Adjust the pump flow capacity, reduce the water flow. The pump flow can be adjusted with the regulator, this is found on the inlet of the pump. Rotate the board clock-wise or anti-clock wise to adjust the water flow. Once the water flow is slowed down, the probability of water splashing will be significantly decreased.


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