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Japanese Red Maple Bonsai-Time To Enrich Your Garden With Dazzling Color

If you have ever get the chance to visit Japanese garden, one landscape that you won’t miss is: Japanese red maple bonsai. This landscaping tree get finely cut palmate leaves, split in five, seven or nine pointed lobes. The graceful stems, together with the leaves are bloody red throughout the…

5 Best Bonsai Plants For Beginners-Getting Started From The Most Easily Cultivated Bonsai Tree

Bonsai, more of art than gardening, has favored by more and more people around the world due to its unique design and aesthetic touch. Many beginners are dazzled by the awesome bonsai trees on display, while have no idea about choosing which plant to getting started. Choosing a wrong plant…

Bonsai Instructions For Beginners-Lighten The Pathway Into The Bonsai World

One thing that mostly differentiate bonsai with normal potted plants is: Bonsai needs consistent and thoughtful care. The growth of the plant that kept as bonsai need to be controlled purposely in order to create a mini-landscape that we anticipate. It calls for at least 5-10 years to cultivate one…

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Satisfy Your Fussy Pets And Enrich Your Sweet Yard

My friend-Jonny, called me last week that his cute cat was diagnosed with kidney disease. The doctor told Jonny that the cat might drink too little water. My friend was surprised, because he always set one bowl, containing water, near the food for cats. I asked Jonny whether has he…

9 Popular Garden Plants For Winter – A Garden Still Flourishing In Harsh Winter

As an enthusiastic gardening lover, I could spend an entire afternoon in my sweet yard during the weekend. Either taking care of the plants and water features or having some drink while reading in the garden during warm season. (Some people may suffer mosquitoes infestation in their garden during warm…

Top Selected Rock Waterfall Fountain Review-Decorative Fountain You Won’t Miss In Your Yard

Resin water fountain is a very popular decorative item around the world, due to many benefits that it will bring to our living environment, among which calming and stress-relieving effect will come to top of them. Most of us will bear stress more or less in our daily life or…

Tips On How To Grow Moss On The Rock – Create A Cute Moss Bonsai

When hiking in the wild, we can often see clusters of oily green moss, just like velvet, covering on the top of bare river stones. The green-headed stones, dotting in the sparkling water, bring a touch of aesthetic tranquility. Many people want to bring this attractive landscape back to home.…

Tips And Processes On Growing Moss Lawn In The Garden – Paving Your Yard With Natural Green Carpet

Moss was regarded as one of the plants that we mostly want to get rid of in the yard to maintain a decent garden environment. While in Japan, the moss is treated as one of the indispensable elements for the traditional zen garden. The moss lawn landscape in the Japanese…

Environmentally Safe Mosquito Control Products Review-Best Way Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

One thing that I enjoy most is having some drinks in my leisure time in my yard. But what makes me suffer is the unpleasant company- the mosquito population, especially when summer season comes. They are eating up me before I even half finish my nice beer! I think I’m…

Best Preformed Plastic Pond Liners Review – Build One Pond In Yard In No Time

Many people, including me for sure, are keen on building a pond in their garden. We can keep fish and plants into the pond, which will definitely bring some natural touch to our garden. Pond building is a labor and time costing job and it is associated with many processes:…