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Beginner Guide For Growing Moss In A Pot Infographic -Create Cute Moss Landscape

Moss was regarded as one of the plants that we mostly want to get rid of in our garden to maintin a decent living space. However, the situation has changed with growing numbers of people opt to cultivate them out of attraction by the moss’s tenderness and its overflowing raw…

Best Contemporary Outdoor Fountains You Should Not Miss-Modernize Your Outdoor Living Space!

Water fountains are very ideal items for garden decoration, due to many benefits that they could bring to our living environment. They are not only gorgeous additions to your delicately-design garden, their silvery flowing water will entertain all your guests and please the visiting wildlife in your garden as well.…

Infographic# Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak – Watch Out These Common Poison Plants In Outdoor Areas

With summer in its full swing, it is time to organize more events in the open space! However, the jolly time you will enjoy in the backyard might be easily ruined by the pesky and disease carrying mosquitoes. Or even worse, by some flourishing while poison plants that we are…

Miniature Japanese Garden Bridge-Decorative Bridges You Won’t Miss For Your Zen Garden

One landscape you will not miss when visiting the zen garden is the miniature Japanese garden bridge. The decorative garden bridge, which is an indispensable element in Japanese style garden, brims with strong peaceful touch. In zen culture, the bridge represents the connection between this shore and the other shore.…

Why My Japanese Red Maple’s Leaves Are Turning Green? Check It Here!

A garden brimming with lush green will surely extend strong vitality. While, it will look a bit humdrum if there are only green trees or shrubs flourishing in the yard. To make their sweet yard more visually pleasing, many people would opt to grow some other foliage plants that present…

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai-Time To Enrich Your Garden With Dazzling Color

If you have ever get the chance to visit Japanese garden, one landscape that you won’t miss is: Japanese red maple bonsai. This landscaping tree get finely cut palmate leaves, split in five, seven or nine pointed lobes. The graceful stems, together with the leaves are bloody red throughout the…

5 Best Bonsai Plants For Beginners-Getting Started From The Most Easily Cultivated Bonsai Tree

Bonsai, more of art than gardening, has favored by more and more people around the world due to its unique design and aesthetic touch. Many beginners are dazzled by the awesome bonsai trees on display, while have no idea about choosing which plant to getting started. Choosing a wrong plant…

Bonsai Instructions For Beginners-Lighten The Pathway Into The Bonsai World

One thing that mostly differentiate bonsai with normal potted plants is: Bonsai needs consistent and thoughtful care. The growth of the plant that kept as bonsai need to be controlled purposely in order to create a mini-landscape that we anticipate. It calls for at least 5-10 years to cultivate one…

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Satisfy Your Fussy Pets And Enrich Your Sweet Yard

My friend-Jonny, called me last week that his cute cat was diagnosed with kidney disease. The doctor told Jonny that the cat might drink too little water. My friend was surprised, because he always set one bowl, containing water, near the food for cats. I asked Jonny whether has he…

9 Popular Garden Plants For Winter – A Garden Still Flourishing In Harsh Winter

As an enthusiastic gardening lover, I could spend an entire afternoon in my sweet yard during the weekend. Either taking care of the plants and water features or having some drink while reading in the garden during warm season. (Some people may suffer mosquitoes infestation in their garden during warm…