Infographic# Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak – Watch Out These Common Poison Plants In Outdoor Areas

With summer in its full swing, it is time to organize more events in the open space!

However, the jolly time you will enjoy in the backyard might be easily ruined by the pesky and disease carrying mosquitoes. Or even worse, by some flourishing while poison plants that we are more likely be exposed to in summer when we will spend more time outdoors.

The most common poison plants in the back yard or wild are: Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Poison Oak.

Inadvertently touching their leaves, branches or stems will likely lead to serious allergic reactions such as rashes and itchy skin, which will last for 1-3 weeks, with your nice outdoor life totally been destroyed.

Here we will share the identification of these three common poison plants, the emergency measures and home remedies you could take to relieve the situation once get contaminated.

This has been made simple thanks to the handy infographic by GreenPal.



The sap of Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Poison Oak contains a toxin named Urushiol Oil, which will cause itchy skin, rashes, red swelling and blisters. And the symptoms could last for 1-3 weeks.

However, the allergic reactions will not appear directly after getting touched the sap. Normally it will take about 12-72 hours for reaction.

So it is strongly advisable that take a shower immediately and wash all the clothes that might be contaminated by the Urushiol Oil. And do not scratch the skin to reduce the risk of infections.

The allergic reactions could be dangerous in some situations. Seek medical assistance right away if there is symptom of big swollen or dyspnoea.


4 thoughts on “Infographic# Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak – Watch Out These Common Poison Plants In Outdoor Areas

    1. Hi Gabriel, thanks for stopping by! Do hope this infographic will be helpful to you to steer away these dangerous common poison plants.

  1. Thank you for a very informative article on the common poison plants outdoors.

    I really enjoyed reading the article and I know understand how to identify these common poison plants.

    I liked your home remedies however I don’t think I will be pouring the vodka on the rash, seems like a waste to me… much better to drink it and use the other home remedies instead 🙂

    1. Hi Moni, thanks for reading! Glad that you find this infographic is helpful to you.😀

      As a drink-lover, i think vodka is better for drinking as well, Haha. But sometimes the alcohol could really be very helpful in some situations.

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