How To Install The Fountain – 6 Steps: Easy And Safe


resin-water-fountainThe resin fountains are very great choices for your house decoration. Resin fountains come in a variety of designs and shapes. You can easily select a fountain in the market that suits the decoration style in your house. They will bring more liveness to your home and courtyard. What’s more, they will make the environment looks more natural, and will play the role of air humidifier as well.

However, many people think the installation of the large resin fountains will be very troublesome and time-costly, which may stop them from purchasing one resin fountain for their house. Actually, the installation of fountain is not as complicate as they suppose. Here I will walk through with you about the process of how to install the fountain safely.

Usually, the fountain product will come with four parts: Fountain Body, Pump, LED Light, Adapter(Transformer) For The LED. As LED Light is built-in the Fountain Body, so actually we just need to focus on the Pump and the Adapter(Transformer).

The first job need to be done is unpacking the carton of the fountain. The resin fountain may be irregular in shape and will be heavy if the product is big, so it is suggested to position the base of the fountain on a suitable firm, level surface, to prevent the fountain toppling. Stay away from areas where it is likely to become clogged with leaves or debris which could damage the pump. Unpack with care to avoid scratching.

Then unpack the components and untie the power cord. Lay out on a flat surface. Ensure there is sufficient cable to reach the socket/ connection point.

Ensure the feature is only placed on surfaces that will not get marked or damaged by water splashing. If placing on wooden decking, ensure that the base surface has been sealed or treated as appropriate.

Here comes the Six Main Steps for installing the fountain:

Step One

Reach inside the opening in the rear of the fountain, pulling out the tubing/water pipe and the internal LED cable(s).


Step Two

Connect the tubing to the outlet of the pump and place it in the water reservoir through the opening in the rear of the fountain.

install the fountain

Step Three

Connect the two ends of the LED lighting wires together and screw over the plastic collar. Push the cable with two pins into the transformer and screw over the plastic collar.


Step Four

Place the pump and excess wires into the access cavity. Ensure that the long pump/LED wires extend out through the opening. Cover the opening with the trap door.


Step Five

Carefully fill the fountain with sufficient water, ensuring the pump is fully submerges.


Step Six

Connect the plug from the transformer to your mains outlet. If plugged in outdoors, the socket outlet must be in a suitably approved waterproof enclosure to IP66 standard.


Note: The pump flow can be adjusted with the regulator, this is found on the inlet of the pump. I recommend starting with the flow regulator fully open and then adjusting down if required. And the pump cable should be adequately protect against damage, especially where contact with garden equipment (lawn mowers, forks etc.) children or domestic animals may occur.


By following these steps as mentioned above, I think your fountain will be well in position for running. Enjoy it! By the way, resin fountain, like other home furniture, requires regular maintenance and care. Replace the water inside the fountain regularly with fresh water. And clean the pump regularly to prolong its performance life. Anyway, I will discuss how to maintain the pump and the fountain in the later articles.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Very clear steps about fountain installing, more simple than i thought. I will come back if i get one fountain in the near future.

    The product you showed in the post is very nice!

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