20 Amazing Gifts For Zen Lovers

Zen has reached far beyond the scope of religion in Japan, and has closely associated with practically all art forms, such as music, ikebana, tea ceremony, literature, kendo, etc.

Moreover, zen has been widely applied nowadays in psychological counseling, mental health and daily cares.

Thanks to its healing effect and pursuit for inner peace, zen culture wins tons of fans around the world.

Do you have a family member or a friend that is obsessed with zen culture?

Are you racking your brain for selecting the right gifts for zen lovers?

To enrich your option, take this list of 20 amazing items into consideration.

1. Miniature Japanese Garden Bridge

As an indispensable element in Japanese garden, bridge represents the connection of this shore and the other shore in zen culture.

Even a garden without flowing stream, you will see a miniature bridge set across a road paved with white gravels, which stands for flowing water.

@ Miniature Japanese Garden Bridge 5′

Artistic design and natural finish makes the bridge a perfect decoration for garden, pond or any other landscaping.

Weather-resistant solid fir wood construction with stained finish will allow this bridge to extend endless beauty for many years to come.

♦ Specifications: 59 x 26.4 x 21.7 inches (L x W x H)

♦ Material: Weather-resistant solid fir wood

♦ Weight: 41.3 lbs

♦ Max Weight capacity: 225 Lbs

♦ Price: $89.99

2. Japanese Stone Garden Lantern

Create a zen oasis in your space with this finely made cement Japanese Yukimi style garden lantern (also known as snow-viewing lantern).

Artistically carved, this cement garden lantern stands in the yard just like a guardian and will beautifully display its oriental charms from day to night.

@Japanese Stone Garden Lantern

Sturdy construction material allows for flexible DIY, so you can drill hole in the lighthouse to locate the LED if you want to enhance its aesthetic appeals.

You can imagine how poetic it will look like with the warm light inside the lantern gently illuminate its surrounding landscape in the garden.

♦ Specifications: 16’’ in height

♦ Weight: 30 lbs

♦ Installation: Comes in 3 pieces (roof-body-base). Set on top of each other.

♦ Price: $159.95

3. Japanese Pagoda Statue

Another intriguing item that you will not miss when visiting Japanese garden is the pagoda statue.

Originating in Buddhism culture, the pagoda statue plays the role of driving the evils, bringing in the good luck and protecting the space.

This delicately constructed 5-tier Japanese pagoda will bring a serene sense to the home or zen garden.

@ Japanese Pagoda Statue

Setting this imposing pagoda statue amid the flower beds or shrubs, its durable construction materials ensures this architectural item be the focal point of the garden for years to come.

♦ Specifications: 6.5 x 6.5 x 28 inches

♦ Weight: 8.27 lbs

♦ Material: Crushed stone with durable resin

♦ Price: $96.90

4. Yoga Frog Statues

Featuring with a group of whimsical frogs with each one assuming a different yoga pose.

The inspiring mantra that engraved on the stones will remind you to take a break from the busy daily life to find your inner balance.

Inspirational-Yoga-Frog-Figures, Set of 6

@ Inspirational Yoga Frog Figures, Set of 6 

Looks both funny and meditative, these inspirational frog statues will be fascinating items on the desktop and will make you laugh every time you see them, so ease your stress as well.

♦ Specifications: 3-5 inches in height/ each piece, 6 pieces totally

♦ Weight: 5 oz/ each

♦ Material: Polystone

♦ Price: $56.00

5. Meditating Yoga Frog Statue

Another fascinating frog statue, looks both humorous and calmful, will lend soothing inspirations to your space.

Meditating Yoga Frog Statue

@ Meditating Garden Yoga Frog Statue  

Artistically designed, the joyful presence of this meditative frog will remind you taking a break from busy day and enjoying some moments of peaceful mind.

♦ Specifications: 9 x 6 x 11 inches

♦ Weight: 10 lbs

♦ Material: Bonded stone

♦ Price: $72.00

6. Meditating Garden Buddha Statue

Finished with aged details in rustic touch, this meditating Buddha statue brims with strong tranquil and historical sense.

Meditating Garden Buddha Statue
@ Meditating Garden Buddha Statue

Heavy-duty material makes this peaceful Buddha statue could be either set indoors or outdoors and will bring intense oriental charms to any space.

♦ Specifications: 12 x 8.5 x 17 inches

♦ Weight: 32-38 lbs

♦ Materials: Crushed basalt and cement

♦ Price: $148.00

7. Abalone Shell Buddha Terrarium

A series of amazing items contribute to this peaceful looking mini landscape.

With a genuine abalone shell serving as a base, this mini landscape comes with a meditating Buddha statue, an easy care air plant with little maintenance is needed and a calm-evoking aqua-color pebble, reminiscent of tranquility in deep sea.


@ Abalone Shell Buddha Terrarium 

Overflows with peaceful touches, this mini landscape will surely create a peaceful oasis in your space.

♦ Specifications: Shell is 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches/ Buddha figurine is 3’’ high and 2’’ wide

♦ Price: $36.00

8. Colorful Glasses Zen Cairn Statue

Inspired by traditional cairn formations, this attractive statue features a distinctive collection of natural stone, green and aqua color glass pebbles.


@ Colorful Glass Garden Zen Cairn Statue 

Soothing colors and meditative atmosphere that it brings make this cairn statue a perfect addition to the desktop.

♦ Specifications: 4.5 x 4 x 9.0 inches

♦ Material: Natural stone and glass pebbles

♦ Weight: 6.5 lbs

♦ Price: $48.00

9. Yin Yang Air Plant Zen Terrarium

A beautiful terrarium that features with an enticing pot in oriental Yin Yang form, which is a symbol of endless harmony and balance.

Black and white color pebbles and 2 easy care air plants are also included.


@ Yin Yang Air Plant Zen Terrarium 

Both the Yin Yang form and the green plants will be a great way to help inspire positive energy inside you.

♦ Specifications: 7.5 inches across and 1 inch in height

♦ Price: $36.00

10. Miniature Japanese Sand Garden

An amazingly small version of Japanese sand garden, which is mainly composed of rock and sands and built for meditation and zen cultivation.

Remarkable meditative oasis that it creates making this miniature garden one of the best gifts for zen lovers.


@ Stone Cairn Zen Garden 

Wash away your stress and enjoy the meditative ambiance for a moment by raking on the soft sands.

♦ Specifications: 11 x 7 x 0.75 inches

♦ Weight: 1.5 lbs

♦ Price: $36.00

11. Japanese Wash Basin Water Fountain Kit

Take inspirations from the wash basin in Japanese tea garden, this beautiful water fountain features a square shape basin in rustic finish and topped with an artificial bamboo pole.

The included high efficiency pump enable the water spouted out from the bamboo pole and creates a soothing water sound.

@ Japanese Wash Basin Water Fountain Kit

Vast and empty basin allows for custom creation, so you can plant in aquatic plants in with the help of water treatment to create an attractive landscape.

Vibrant water and visually pleasing plants make this water fountain as a perfect addition to the patio, office, balcony and more.

♦ Specifications: 16 x 16 x 8 inches

♦ Material: Polyresin

♦ Weight: 9 lbs

♦ Price: $130.38

12. Meditating Buddha Water Fountain

Add a sense of zen and peace to your space instantly with this calmful Buddha water feature!

This enticing fountain features a graceful seated Buddha in deep meditation, holding a lotus with warm LED built in it.

Powerful while quiet submersible pump drives the water gushed from the lotus.

@ Meditating Buddha Water Fountain

Unwind from a hectic day and experience a moment of serenity to the gentle water flow and shimmering warm light.

♦ Specifications: 20 1/4″ x 20 1/4″ x 27 1/2″ inches

♦ Material: Polyresin

♦ Weight: 25 lbs

♦ Price: $179.95

13. Cascading Slate Tabletop Water Fountain

Turn the desktop into a peaceful corner where you can unplug from a hectic day with this soothing water fountain.

Quiet water pump makes the water well up from the top and cascade all the way down to the reservoir in the bottom, where it will be recirculated.


@ Ascending Slate Tiered Water Fountain with LED Light, 8 Inch

Its trickling water sound will block off the noise in the outside world and make you lost in the tranquil atmosphere.

Gentle warm LED that radiate at night will bring tranquility and peace to your space.

♦ Specifications: 9 x 9 x 8 inches

♦ Material: Polyresin

♦ Weight: 9.2 lbs

♦ Price: $125.0

14. Japanese Garden Lantern Water Fountain

Amazing water fountain that takes inspiration from the famous Japanese stone garden lantern.

Water bubbles gently in the light house of the fountain and flows from the four side outlets down into the bottom basin, where it will be recirculated.

@Japanese Stone Garden Lantern Water Fountain

The porch or patio will be greatly enhanced with serene and zen sense with this delicate beautifully displayed garden lantern fountain.

♦ Specifications: 15 x 15 x 25.2 inches

♦ Material: Polyresin

♦ Weight: 24.2 lbs

♦ Price: $339.00

15. Juniper Bonsai

Caring plants is an effective way to relax yourself and sweep away the daily stress.

As a plant form that originated in ancient China and enjoyed favorable development in Japan, bonsai art has now become quite popular worldwide.

@ Juniper Bonsai Tree

Featuring a small and lush Juniper tree, a glazed clay pot that brims with oriental charms and a miniature fishman, this bonsai work creates a mesmerizing mini landscape to behold.

Looks both natural and poetic, this bonsai art turns out to be an amazing and versatile gift for zen lovers or plants lovers.

♦ Specifications: 7 x 7 x 8 inches

♦ Weight: 5 lbs

♦ Price: $29.99

16. Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree

Another stunning bonsai tree. However, this bonsai does not produce leaves or flowers, but solid amethyst stones.

Amethyst is regarded as a healing gem, which can lessen negative energy and inspire spiritual growth.


@ Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree for Healing

With beautifully displayed form, this artificial bonsai tree will continuously exert positive influence in your space.

♦ Specifications: 6 x 4 x 8 inches

♦ Material: Genuine amethyst stone

♦ Weight: 1 lb

♦ Price: $48.00

17. Zen-Inspired Stone Moon Tealight Holder

Delicately carved with real stone, this tealight holder could bring soothing and contemporary sculptural element to your space.


@ Stone Moon Tealight Holders, Indonesia

This artistic tealight holder looks quite inspirational With tealight casts gentle and flickering light, reminiscent of moon in a dark night.

♦ Specifications: 6 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches

♦ Material: Real stone

♦ Price: $ 36.00

18. Wooden Praying Namaste Cat Statue

Add humorous and lighthearted aura to your space with this happily meditating cat.


@ Hand Carved Wooden Praying Namaste Cat Statue 

♦ Specifications: 4 x 2 x 5.5 inches

♦ Material: Wood

♦ Weight: 5 oz

♦ Price: $32.00

19. Decorative Wooden Bridge With Solar Light 5′

An artistic combination of traditional miniature Japanese garden bridge with modern solar light.

@ Decorative Wood Bridge with Solar Lights

Display by day as an enchanting bridge to delight your walking experience in the yard. By night as a lighted and dreamlike pathway and to illuminate its surrounding environment as well.

♦ Specifications: 58.25 x 26.38 x 19.68 inches

♦ Material: Weather Resistant Wood

♦ Weight: 45 lbs

♦ Max Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

♦ Price: $99.99

20. Zen Plinth Fountain

Though the price is a bit hefty, this exquisite meditating frog water fountain will awe the zen lovers.

Water spouted out from the mouth of the meditating frog thanks to the whisper-quiet pump and falls into the square basin in front of it, creating quite relaxing sound and displaying overwhelming serenity and zen touch in your garden.

Zen Frog Garden Fountain

@ Zen Plinth Fountain 

Heavy-duty construction material – cast stone and made-in-USA quality standard ensure worry-free and long-lasting enjoyment.

♦ Specifications: 25 x 13.25 x 23 inches

♦ Material: Cast stone

♦ Weight: 112 lbs

♦ Price: $579.99

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