Trendy And Inspiring Garden Gate Styles


Garden gate acts as the primary focal point of your delicately designed courtyard.

And it offers visitors glimpses into the garden owner’s interest in maintaining the property.

An intriguing garden will not only protect your privacy and safety, but will remarkably enhance the tastes and accents of your space as well.

Here comes a list of trendy garden gate styles, hopefully will help you generate great ideas for your garden entrance and turn it into a fascinating point where the beauty of your garden starts to unveil.

Chinese Garden Gate Style

Almost all traditional Chinese buildings are symmetrically arranged. The same goes with Chinese garden gate, which favors symmetry as beauty.

Chinese Garden Gate

Regardless of whether this aesthetic conception stems from Yin-Yang Balance theory of Taoism or Confucian Doctrine of the Mean, Chinese style garden gate has brought the beauty of symmetry to its extreme.

Japanese Garden Gate Style

Japanese garden is renowned for its enticing secluded and tranquil touch that made possible by the application of quaint and delicate elements.

Its garden gate, features with grid-like door and thatched roof, brims with so strong oriental charms that could be sensed by visitor from afar.

Japanese Garden Gate

The fences that generally set on the two side of the gate could block some sights and further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

English Rustic Garden Gate Style

The design concept of English rustic garden strives for the integration of courtyard with its surrounding natural landscape.

The garden is arranged in a way that making it as a harmonious part of the nature.

English Rustic Garden Gate

Due to its pursuit for natural style, the materials that used to build the garden gate are also simple and nostalgic looking.

Mediterranean Garden Gate Style

The Mediterranean-style landscape always evokes vivid images in our minds, such as white walls, showy roofs, water fountains and grapevines hanging from higher platforms etc.

Mediterranean Garden Gate

The entry door of Mediterranean garden also inherits these distinguishing features, which are bright and eye-catching.

French Garden Gate Style

French garden is the representative of romantic garden landscaping style.

Same as Chinese garden, French landscaping designers strives for symmetry beauty.

Spruced up with exquisite colonnades, carvings and neatly trimmed shrubs etc., French garden overflows with rich cultural and classical atmosphere.

French Garden Gate

Widely application of water fountains, garden ponds, classical sculptures individualizes the garden with elegant and magnificent tastes, which captivate tons of fans around the world.

Likewise, the entry for Frech garden is arranged in a symmetrical way.

American Garden Gate Style

The overall impression on American style garden is grand and simple.

The interpretation of American garden design concept to nature turns out to lively and brisk, which is deeply reflected in its courtyard landscape.

Outdoor activity area is delicately designed in the garden, so you can enjoy cozy moments in the natural atmosphere.

American Garden Gate

The finely cared large lawns, comfortable outdoor furniture, soothing water features etc. that are indispensable in the garden will relieve you from a hectic day.

The gate of American garden is generally staid and concise, features with metal or wooden door and complemented with bricks or cultural stones.

Desert Garden Gate Style

Desert garden is an intriguing one of minority style, but it does win a position as a trendy landscaping type due to the strong exotic charms that it offers.

Typically, the wall of desert garden’s entry is thick and in sandy color.

Desert Garden Gate

The beauty of the gate would be greatly enhanced with green and drought tolerant plants such as Hylocereus undatus, Echinopsis tubiflora etc. grown near it.

Obviously there many more enticing garden gate styles in addition to those we mentioned above.

And the best garden gate is the one that please you and match to your decor.

A garden gate is not just a entry, but a landscape where passersby could get insight of the owner’s aesthetic taste and a fascinating place to please you whenever you pass through it.

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