How To Fix The Leaking Resin Fountain-Step By Step Guide

Resin water fountain has been a popular decorative item for interior space and outdoor garden over the years.

It not only gets intriguing appearance, but also will bring multiple practical benefits to us, such as deliver soothing water sound, block off the outside noises and create a more attractive habitat to other wildlife.

But one of the frustrating situations that the owners might meet is the leaking problem caused by the crack on the fountain.

Actually even the best fountains might develop such problem due to the severe temperature change or aging over time.

Here we will walk you through the process of how to fix the leaking resin fountain step by step, so you can enjoy the soothing water fountain rest at ease.

Before rushing to seek ways to repair the potential cracks on the fountain, making sure that your fountain is really leaking instead of just splashing.

In many cases, what appears to be a leak is actually excess water flowing or splashing over the sides of the basin.

If there is indeed a leaking problem, don’t worry, it can be well solved.

  • 1. Locate The Crack

Most resin fountain purchasers may not know that the bottom base of the fountain and the fountain body do not come in one complete piece.

The fountain body and its base plate are produced separately and glued together with resin materials.

So when comes to leaking problem, it is quite likely that the joint place between fountain body and its base part breaks.

Fountain Body And Fountain Base Glued Together

While, it is possible that some other places crack because of severe temperature change or suffering heavy impact during transportation. Locate the leaking point carefully before the repair work.

  • 2. Drainage The Water

Turn off the fountain and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

Move the resin fountain to an open ground for freedom of action.

Open the trap door on the rear of the resin fountain, tilt the fountain body and drain the water from there.

Don’t forget to take out the pump when drain the fountain, as there might be some water collects inside the pump cover.

Check the piping tube that connect to the pump as well to prevent any water remaining in the fountain reservoir.

If you get a huge resin fountain with stunningly heavy weight, it will be much labor-saving to get the job done with a drain pump.

  • 3. Clean And Dry The Fountain

After running for some time, the water in the fountain tend to collect lots of debris or dust, which will accumulate in the reservoir of the fountain.

After draining the water in the fountain, pour mixture of detergent and clean water into the reservoir.

Brush the interior of the fountain, especially the leaking place and rinse it with water hose.

Wipe the water reservoir with dry cloth and let it air dry to completely evaporate the residual moisture.

  • 4. Apply The Sealant

Depending on the size of the crack, apply a certain amount of epoxy sealant on the crack till it is fully covered.

Epoxy sealant is a versatile product used to bond a wide array of materials including fiberglass, concrete, metal and ceramic etc.

It is highly effective and can cure the crack in just a few hours.

One thing we should pay attention to is: as the repaired crack will be continuously submerged in water once the fountain return to operation, so make sure that the epoxy sealant that you choose could endure continuous immersion in water .

And wildlife or pets may take drink from the fountain, it is best that the sealant material should be non-toxic.

  • 5. Let It Dry

Wipe away the excessive epoxy sealant on the surface of the crack with a cloth and let it cure and dry.

Do not connect the pump back to the piping tube or pour water inside the fountain until the epoxy is in complete dry condition.

Resin fountain would lend endless enjoyment to your space with its natural water flow and the peace-evoking sound that it creates.

However, the leaking problem would completely destroy the way you enjoy this soothing decoration.

Hopefully this step by step guide would be helpful for you to fix the leaking resin fountain and let the water fountain please both your family and the visiting wildlife for many years to come!

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