Environmentally Safe Mosquito Control Products Review-Best Way Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard


One thing that I enjoy most is having some drinks in my leisure time in my yard.

But what makes me suffer is the unpleasant company- the mosquito population, especially when summer season comes. They are eating up me before I even half finish my nice beer!

I think I’m not alone in this situation. The mosquito can ruin the way we enjoy the garden life. What’s worse, the mosquito may spread some diseases like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever.

We don’t want our guests or child going back home with some unpleasant swollen itches, which is itching and may make people sick.

Luckily, there are wide assortments of mosquito control products available can help to get rid of this annoying insect.

When choosing the mosquito control product, my idea is: the product should be environmentally safe, contains no poisonous chemicals, as natural as possible. As the child and our pets will hang around in the yard, we cannot risk exposing them to any dangerous chemicals.

Here we are going to show you several top selections of environmentally safe mosquito control products, hope will help you eliminate the mosquito population once and for all. They are indeed the best way keep mosquito out of your yard.

Why There Is Mosquitoes Infestation In Your Yard

The life of mosquito is closely associated with water, the standing water to be specific. The mosquito goes through 4 stages life cycle: eggs, larvae, pupal and adult mosquito.

The stagnant water, which will not flush away the eggs, becomes an ideal place for mosquito to breed.

And the Plankton, fungi, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms that germinate in the standing water are perfect food for the larvae as well.

If feasible, identify and clean the places in the yard that tend to collect standing water, such as gutters, buckets, pots, etc. While for the water features, such as pond, water fountains, etc that we keep in our yard, we can take use of the environmentally safe mosquito control products to get the job done.

Mosquito Barrier

Active Ingredient: Garlic

Target Pests: Gnats, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas and Ants

For Use In: Garden And Lawns

Environmentally Safe: Yes

Price: Check  Mosquito Barrier

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars

A fact that has been tested and verified for a long time is: Mosquitoes are intolerant of garlic. The garlic smell, generally is 10,000 times stronger to mosquito than to our human beings, will destroy the mosquitoes’’ olfactory organ.

This product is designed based on that fact. As a natural garlic liquid based formula, it contains no chemical ingredients. It is environmentally safe and safe for animals and humans.

The garlic smell will diminish in a few hours, while the mosquito repelling effect is expected to last up to 2 weeks. And it will not impart garlic flavor or taste to the food plants.


The product is made completely with garlic juice, and is designed to be diluted in water and spray on plants, ornamentals, vines and any other places collecting standing water.

Shake the bottle of this product well before making a mix.

For each gallon of water add: 8 Teaspoons of Mosquito Barrier if infestation is light; 16 Teaspoons of Mosquito Barrier if infestation is heavy.

Stir the mixture well and use one sprayer to spray the mixture on the areas that need for treatment.

Note: Sticker, such as any vegetable oil can be added into the mixture to help the product hold more well on the treated area.


  • Natural remedy, contain no chemicals or poisons.
  • It is environmentally safe, safe for the kids and the pets.
  • Only applicable to target pests, won’t kill beneficial insects.
  • Repelling effect lasts long, normally 7 – 10 days.


  • The repelling effect may be not as long-lived as it is advertised: 2 weeks. But it depends on the weather and the conditions of the treated area.
  • It is a little pungent for the first day’s treatment.


An environmentally safe mosquito control product.

Liquid garlic based formula, natural remedy, and safe to the child and pets.

Apply ideally in your yard and stay off any potential chemical risks in the garden.

Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide

Active Ingredient: S-Methoprene

Target Pests: Mosquito Larvae

For Use In: Bird Baths, Flowerpots, Ornamental Fountains And Other Standing Water Area

Environmentally safe: Yes

Price: Check Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide

Rate: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The mosquito will not become the pesky insects we hate until they reach their adulthood.

Fortunately, this larvicide can stop the eggs that mosquito lay in the water from maturing to eat up you.

Many mosquito repellent products focus only on the adult mosquito, while leave the eggs and larvae of the mosquito undisrupted. As soon as the eggs in the water pops up, you will have to receive a new generation of mosquito.

The Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide works as a growth regulator and can disrupt the life cycle of the mosquito by stopping their eggs hatching in the water. It can significantly reduce the population of the mosquito in this way by eliminating them at their breeding ground.


How To Use It:

The Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide is quite easy to use.

Simply follow the directions and scatter directed amount of granules into the water that you would like to treat. A good rule of thumb is approximately 80 granules per gallon of water.

The amazing part is the larvicide can remain effective for 30 days. You don’t have to worry the mosquiotes popping up again and can stay leisurely and enjoy the garden.


  • Quite easy to use, no need to mix with water or other ingredients when apply.
  • Provide 30 days’ protection.
  • Getting to the root of breeding, prevent adult mosquito emergence.
  • Environmentally safe. Works only for targeted pests, and safe for other animals.


  • Has no effect on mosquito which have reached the pupal or adult stage prior to treatment.


The mosquito lay their eggs in the standing water, and the eggs stay safely in the water for maturing.

For the standing water that we cannot get rid of our yard, such as pond, water fountain etc, inputting the larvicide in the water is an excellent way to disrupt the life cycle of the mosquito.

It can stop the growth of the larvae and prevent them popping out and hanging around in your yard.

This environmentally safe mosquito control product can stay effective for about 30 days, very time and labor-saving way to repel the mosquito.

Summit Mosquito Bits

Active Ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis Strain BMP 144 solids, spores and insecticidal toxins

Target Pests: Mosquitoes

For Use In: Bird Baths, Flowerpots, Ornamental Fountains And Other Standing Water Area

Environmentally safe: Yes

Price: Check Summit Mosquito Bits

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

Summit Mosquito Bits is also an effective mosquito control product that works in a biological way.

When spreading the granules of this product to the surface of the containerized water. This product will release a biological mosquito larvicide on the water’s surface.

The larvicide settle into the water gradually and will be eaten by the mosquito larvae. It will give a quick kill within 24 hours.


How To Use It:

Quite easy to use. Simply follow the directions and scatter directed amount of granules into the water that you would like to treat. Normally, one teaspoon for 25 square feet over the standing water.


  • Easy application, no need to mix with water or other ingredients when apply.
  • Quick to kill within 24 hours.
  • Environmentally safe. Can be applied to areas that contain aquatic life, fish and plants. Also applicable to areas used by or in contact with humans and animals.


  • Has no effect on mosquito which have reached the pupal or adult stage prior to treatment.
  • Stay effective only for about 7 days. Have to apply again after 7 to 14 days.


Mosquito Bits features a very convenient and easy application via hand spread.

Sprinkle the granules on the water that need treatment. The larvicide that the granules release will kill the mosquito larvae within 24 hours.

Eliminate the mosquito population gradually by making their breeding bed – the stagnant water, unfit for them.

Environmentally safe mosquito control product, safe for the aquatic plants and life. No potential risks to humans and other animals.


Mosquito is one of the most nettlesome insects in our yard.

It can ruin any events that we plan in our garden. We don’t want to rush back as soon as we just set ready the barbecue kit or the kids going home with many swollen itches on their arms.

Fortunately, there are a wide arrays of mosquito repellent products that we can use to drive the insects away.

But we strongly recommend the environmentally safe mosquito control products, to pose no potential risks to the humans and other wild life if our garden.

Hope the products in my post will help you keep mosquito out of your yard, so you and your family can enjoy the garden in a more peaceful mind.


Additional Tips For Steering Mosquitoes Away From Your Garden

Grow Mosquitoes Repellent Plants In Your Yard

There are a wide assortments of popular and nice-looking plants with certain mosquito repellent effects, such as Jasmin, Lavender and Geraniums.

Plant some mosquito repellent plants will sure help to keep mosquito out of the fountain, preventing the insects laying eggs into the fountains.

And the plants are ideal decorative items to your yard as well.

Identify And Clean The Standing Water In Your Yard Regularly

While there are many mosquito control products we can choose to keep them out of our yard, our suggestion is you do you diligence as well to identify and clean the standing water in your garden as well.

Set a routine cleaning plan. And exchange the water in your garden pond and water fountain regularly, to stop the mosquito breeding in the water.


10 thoughts on “Environmentally Safe Mosquito Control Products Review-Best Way Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips for getting rid of mosquitos. I have tried to use citronella candles, but the odor is so strong that it bothers me. I’m glad to know that there are other, safer alternatives. I appreciate that you shared the pros and cons of each item so that I can make an informed decision. I usually forget to take my glasses with me when I shop and then I cannot read the labels.

    I have heard that bats eat mosquitos so I would like to try bat boxes. However, I cannot find them anywhere and I wonder if bats cause a new set of problems. Do you have any experience with this?

    1. Hi Theresa, thanks for checking my post. Hope will help find some safe mosquito repellent products and get rid of the insects once and for all.
      Concerning the bat boxes… well.. i have no idea about this product either.. It is true that the bats will eat mosquitoes, but i did not see any products related with bats on the market to repel the mosquitoes.. Thanks for sharing your ideas, i will do more research on it.

  2. I did not realize that garlic was used as a mosquito repellent. I love being outside but it gets difficult in the summer because I am a mosquito magnet! I did have a question about the plants: do they keep any other insects away or are there any insects that lavender, geranium and Jasmin attract?

    I will need to go out and get some supplies for keeping mosquitoes at bay now!

    1. Hi Veronica, yes, the annoying mosquitoes can ruin the happy times that we enjoy in our garden. Hope my post will help you find the right way to keep the insect away from your garden.
      Concerning the plants, they can also repel other unwelcome insects such as: cockroach and flies etc.. They do will attract other insects, such as: bees… well, they are good insect, isn’t it?

  3. I agree, mosquitos are a pest that rob us of our garden sanctuary! I got sick from a mozzie once so I’m very wary of them, and I find the candles pretty useless. I’m all for natural remedies, love the sound of Mosquito Barrier. I never thought garlic could help (good tip about the oil). I might start planting some jasmin too. The Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide sounds handy, I like how it lasts a long time. Environmentally friendly is the go. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    1. Hi CJ, thanks for checking this post! The products that i reviewed here are all natural remedy or environmentally safe, provide very effective protections. I do hope that my post will help you enjoy a mosquito-free garden life!

  4. I cannot stand mosquitos! One of my pet peeves. I have a great natural remedy for you, but I will have to come for a visit in order for you to properly review my recommendation. It’s me! Anytime I am around, mosquitos come after me and no one else.

    Back on topic, great article! It is difficult to find effective natural remedy for combating the mosquito problem that makes it miserable to enjoy being outdoors sometimes. I wonder if dietary supplements may also help keep them away from your person. The product containing garlic as a main ingredient made me think “what if I just eat a bunch of garlic.” I am no authority on this subject, but just an idea.

    1. Hello Rachael, thanks for your comment! LOL…by eating lots of garlic maybe workable in some way.. but maybe you will drive away the person who you are talking to as well..Haha!

  5. Hi Zheng,

    I really enjoyed reading your article, I learned something completely new today! Thanks for that. I never would have guessed onions were the shield, and how mosquitoes are intolerant to that. I too like to enjoy my days outside especially on nice hot sunny day, but there are way too many mosquitos at times for me to have a good time with family and friends. If I can reduce them from planting their eggs into different areas around the house, I would be more than happy. I will bookmark your page if I ever need to make a purchase for it in the summer. Thank you!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for checking my post! And i’m so glad that my post is or will be helpful to you in getting rid mosquitoes out of your yard.
      Feel free to come back if you need double check the information. Enjoy the nice time in the great outdoor!

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