Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Satisfy Your Fussy Pets And Enrich Your Sweet Yard


My friend-Jonny, called me last week that his cute cat was diagnosed with kidney disease. The doctor told Jonny that the cat might drink too little water. My friend was surprised, because he always set one bowl, containing water, near the food for cats.

I asked Jonny whether has he ever cleaned the water bowl. The answer is never or few. No wonder his cat refused to take any drink.

The pets actually are as fussy as we are, concerning the food or the water sources. Following this topic, here we are going to share you some special and delicate ceramic pet water fountains.

Apart from providing safe and hygienic water source for your pets, they are decorative and will add fascinating touch to your garden as well.

1: Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Solar Frog Outdoor Fountain

2: Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Solar Koi Fish Fountain

3: Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Drinkwell Pet Fountain

4: Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Solar Pots Cascade Fountain

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Solar Frog Outdoor Fountain

Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.0 inches

Product Weight: 5 lbs

Material: Ceramic

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 1 Year

Prices: Check Ceramic Frog Solar Fountain


Ceramic-Pet-Water-Fountains-Solar-FrogThis fountain is made of ceramic with shiny green finishing, with one frog sitting on the edge of the bowl. A very interesting and cute addition to your carefully designed garden.

The fountain comes with one tranquil solar pump and one solar panel with 10 ft cable.

Extremely easy for installation. Just put the submersible pump in the basin and connect it to the built-in hose, then pour enough water into the basin to cover the pump. No tools or additional wiring is needed.

Whenever there is sunlight shining on the solar-powered panel, the water will be spitted out from the mouth of the frog into the water basin, where the water will be recirculated.

The tinkling sound creates by the fountain is quite soothing and will make you feel relaxed in no time. Whenever your pets passing through this peaceful fountain, it will be easy and delighted for them to take some drink from the basin.


  • Ceramic material ensures hygienic water for your pets, without contamination.
  • Smooth surface makes the cleaning quite easy.
  • Powered by environmentally safe solar energy, no additional wiring is needed.
  • Low voltage submersible pump, naturally safe for your pets.


  • The pump only works when there is direct sunlight falling on the solar panel.


Quite nice fountain for your garden decoration. Setting it aside the shrubbery, flowers, it will integrate into your garden landscape very well. Can not only bring peaceful touch to your yard, and will cater for your vibrant pets as well.

Made with smooth surface ceramic, leading to very convenient maintenance or cleaning.

Powered by environmentally safe solar, quite easy for installation, no additional wiring or plumbing is needed. All you need to do is pouring enough water into the basin, then rest at ease to enjoy the soothing feel.

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Solar Koi Fish Fountain

Product Dimensions: 13.4 x 14.5 x 6.7 inches

Product Weight: 6 lbs

Material: Ceramic

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 1 Year

Prices: Check Ceramic Solar Koi Fish Fountain


Ceramic-Pet-Water-Fountains- Solar-Koi-Fish-FountainMade with ceramic in dazzling blue color finishing, with one highly detailed Koi fish perching on the edge of the water basin, this water fountain will definitely be one eye-catching spot in your yard.

This fountain comes with one low-voltage solar pump and one solar panel with 10 ft cable. No additional wiring or plug is needed, the fountain could be installed ready in no time.

Setting the solar panel in the daily sunlight, the quite solar pump will start to run and draw water from the basin, which will then be spouted from the mouth of the Koi Fish. The silvery sound that it creates will bring a touch of tranquility to any environment.


  • Artistic design with nice looking Koi Fish.
  • Smooth ceramic material makes the cleaning quite easy and ensures clean water for your pets.
  • Powered by solar, no additional wiring or complicate installation is needed.


  • The panel does not store power. It works only from direct sunlight and bright outdoor light.


A very cute ceramic pet water fountain, with whole fountain in vibrant blue color and one highly detailed Koi Fish, reminiscent of fantastic underwater world! Any adorer of Koi Fish won’t miss this fountain.

Locating this ceramic fountain near the flowering shrubs, it surely will be the hot spot in your garden, pleasing all your visiting guests and providing an interesting water source for your fussy pets as well.

Powered by solar energy, no additional wiring is needed, make the fountain’s mainenance exceptionally easy. Just make sure there is enough water inside the water basin, the daily sunlight will automatically drive the solar pump to create soothing water flow in your yard.

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains- Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 6.0 inches

Product Weight: 6.15 lbs

Material: Ceramic

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 30-Day Hassle Free Return

Prices: Check Ceramic Drinkwell Pet Fountain


Ceramic-Pet-Water-Fountains-Drinkwell-Pet-FountainA professionally designed drinking fountain for pets.

Featured with two levels water and two flowing outlets, this fountain will allow several pets to drink at the same time.

Made of durable ceramic material with white smooth finishing, calling for extremely low maintenance.

The fountain comes with one quite low-voltage pump, safely enable the water spout from the top and flow soothingly from the two outlets.

Replaceable charcoal filter is built-in the fountain to ensure hygienic water for your fussy pets.


  • Ceramic construction ensures more hygienic water for your pets, also make the cleaning the maintenance quick and easy.
  • Round design allows several pets to drink at the same time.
  • Pump is designed to be in low-voltage, safe for your pets.
  • Gentle water flow will encourage the pets to drink more water and will cater for some pets specially prefer quite water.


  • Not powered by solar. You have to insert the plug of the pump to the patch board to enable operation.
  • Specially designed water solution for pets, but not so artistic looking.


One professional ceramic pet water fountain. The smooth ceramic material and built-in charcoal filter provides hygienic water solution to your pets.

Two round-tier design allows several pets to enjoy the water at the same time. And the soothing water flow will impel the pets to more enjoy the water and will be favored by some pets that prefer quite water source.

Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Solar Cascade Fountain

Product Dimensions: 17.0 x 14.0 x 21.0 inches

Product Weight: 18 lbs

Material: Ceramic

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 1 Year

Prices: Check Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain


Ceramic-Pet-Water-Fountains-Solar-Cascade-FountainVery delicate fountain, features with 5 classical ceramic bowls in red lava finishing.

Includes one environment-friendly solar pump, connecting to the solar panel by a 10 ft cable. Apart from that, no additional wiring is needed, making the installation surprisingly easy.

Once the sunshine falls on the panel, the quite solar pump will come into operation and enable the water trickles out from the top bowl and cascades down to the biggest bowl at the bottom, where it will be recirculated.

The silvery sound of cascading water brings a touch of nature to any environment and will surely be adored by your pets.


  • Ceramic material construction allow quite simple cleaning.
  • Powered by solar energy, no additional wiring is needed.
  • Very classical design, will add artistic sense to your yard and please your pets as well.


  • The pots are resting, instead of fixed, on the steel frame. Be wary of your hyper pets knock the fountain off when playing around it.
  • The solar panel does not store power. It works only from direct sunlight.


Classical fountain design, with 5 ceramic bowls resting on the steel frame, creating a cascading water flow. Solar powered pump drives silvery and trickling water flow, which will add lively accent to your yard and relax you at peace. Multi-level ceramic bowls accommodate clean water and allow several pets to drink at the same time.


Encourage your pets to drink more water is surely helpful to your pets’ wellbeing and will reduce the risks of falling sick.

When coming to drinking fountain, personally I prefer ceramic pet water fountains, rather than plastic or resin fountains, for obvious health reasons.

Above are 4 of my favorite ceramic pet water fountains. The ceramic material ensures hygienic water source for the pets. In addition, the smooth ceramic is easy to clean up and will not deteriorate when setting outdoors for a long time.

Equips with solar pump, whenever there is sunshine falling on the solar panel, the tranquil pump will start to run and enable the water flow gently.

The fountains can not only bring a touch of peaceful to your yard, and will cater for your pets as well!


But keep in mind that, whether it is a ceramic drinking fountain or plastic ones, the most important that the fountain is a clean one! Imagine that will you drink water from a bowl that has not been cleaned for 1 week? Definitely not. The pets are as fussy as we are.

So to conclude, ceramic pet water fountains are best, but really the best one is the fountain you clean often. We need to do our diligence to clean them regularly to create a more favorable drinking environment for your pets.

Fountains need to be cleaned once a week. And the charcoal filter (if the fountain equips such item) need to be replaced once per 2 weeks or depending on usage.

Another situation that we should pay attention to is: when drinking, the hairs of the pets may fall and collect in the water. Once the water flow of the fountains lessening, we should check the pump to see if there is hair clogging the motor of the pump and clean off the hairs in time.

14 thoughts on “Ceramic Pet Water Fountains – Satisfy Your Fussy Pets And Enrich Your Sweet Yard

  1. Hey Shaun! This is awesome! Love the ceramic pet water fountains choices.

    You are right. Pets will only drink from clean water. After all, they are living beings. Just like us. Would we drink from dirty water? Of course not. So, it is only logical we provide good and clean water for our fur friends.

    And I love all the choices you suggest. The solar powered ones will be great for birds to drink and shower in too. Would you agree?

    I like the Koi water fountain. Really nice. Are these the only choices? Or are there more?

    1. Hi Timotheus,
      Thanks for stopping by and check this selection. You are right, pets prefer only the clean water just as we do. And it turns out that pet would rather drink outdoor than indoors. So the solar powered fountain would be a great choice to provide clean water and spruce up your garden as well.
      Actually, the 4 ceramic pet water fountains that i mentioned in my post is my favorite, both practical and beautiful. But there are many more drinking fountain fro pets surely on the market.

  2. You have introduced some really beautiful ceramic pet water fountains. I like these very much for my pet dog. But I am not sure whether this will be shipped to my country India, from the given link in your article or not.

    The first one “Solar Frog Outdoor Fountain” is most interesting; maybe my dog can try to eat the frog too.

    I found solar cascade fountain is a little unsafe of pet dog or cat, though looks very beautiful. Actually, they can break it down. I think this model is a perfect choice for birds.

    Thank you for sharing information about such beautiful ceramic pet water fountains, about which I was not aware at all.

    1. Hi Suvankar,
      Thanks for stopping by and showing interest on my selection about ceramic pet water fountains. Actually, these products are mostly oriented for US market. I’m not sure whether there will be similar items in India market, i think there might be will.
      And as you said, the cascade fountain looks nice, but maybe it will be knocked off when pets playing around around it. That what worry and i mentioned this in my post as well.
      Hope my post will give you some inspiration and will enable you to choose one excellent drinking fountain for your pet dog. Thanks!

  3. This is great information. I have a cocker spaniel dog who is 16 months old. He LOVES drinking in the garden and much prefers drinking outside compared to inside, I am not sure why but he loves the outdoor option.
    The solar powered frog sounds like a great idea as my dog “Bertie” loves drinking from our hose where the water is flowing and the solar power option would be good as our garden faces south and is always sunny.
    Thank you for the information, I didn’t know such great items existed.


    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for checking this post about ceramic pet water fountains. Yes, it is indeed that the pets naturally prefer drinking outdoors instead of indoors. So the solar powered ceramic drinking fountain is a good choice for them. It can not only provide clean water source and spruce up your garden as well.
      Hope my article will give you some inspiration to choose one great drinking fountain for your pets.


  4. I don’t have any pets , but I totally agree with you that the health of pet is most important thing ! I’ll share your post to my friend who has cats or dogs so that they can take care of the drinking quality!

    1. Hi Chas Lu, thanks for stopping by and checking this post. I will highly appreciate for your sharing. Have a nice day!

  5. Hey there Shaun! What a gorgeous array of ceramic pet water fountains. They are all very beautiful and very practical. As it turns out, pets do not like to drink standing water at all. When you place a bowl of standing water in front of them, they see it as dirty because they instinctively know from the wild that moving water is cleaner and standing water is more contaminated. The interesting thing is that you could put a bubble maker or agitator in the same bowl of water and then they will take a drink. In the wild, they drink out of streams and rivers anyways. Dogs and cats both. I used to have a dog and a cat and neither would drink out of their water bowl. Always the outdoor pond. That should tell you something. Thank you for posting it. I am glad I had a read.

    1. Hi David, Thanks for checking this post and sharing your experience. Totally agree with you that pets prefers running water rather than standing water. The choose it by their instinctive. And apart from satisfying our pets, my idea is: it would be great if the feeder could be integrated into the garden and serves to decorate the garden as well.
      Thank you for stopping by and having a read, have a nice day!

  6. This is an awesome idea and not something that I’ve seen before. They would make a great addition to any garden as well as benefiting the pets and wildlife that come to visit. There’s lots of nice designs and you have described them all really well with lots of detail. Great post, thank you.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for checking this post. Do hope this post will give you some extra inspirations for better catering your finicky pets and spruce up your garden as well. Have a nice day!

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