Build A Garden Stream – Have One Stream In Your Own Yard

dig one pond

When we travel in the wild, walking alongside the stream, listening the silvery sound of the running water, it will make us feel very relaxing. It may occur to us that how amazing it would be if we can make one stream running in our own yard.

However, build a garden stream is not as complicate as we suppose. Today I’m going to walk through with you about the easiest ways to create a creek right inside your garden.

Step One: Build One Pond

The first job that need to be done is digging one pond. After all, we need water to make the stream running, and the water will be drew from the pond. Our idea is “recycling”, the water of the stream comes from the pond, and the stream leads the water back into the pond. The size of the pond is not necessary very big, if you just need one small stream.

The position of the pond should be located in some places where there are some shelters, such as: trees or grasses. This will prevent the water in the pond evaporating too fast during the hot summer. As soon as the location is confirmed, dig on that ground according to the shape of the pond that you prefer.

dig one pond

To avoid the water leaking right inside the soil, the bottom and wall of the pond need to be sealed. You can pave the wall and the bottom with cement, then cover all side with waterproof underlayment. This is a very good idea and the pond will be very durable. But it will cause some inconveniences if you want to modify the shape of the pond. And the cement will be difficult to remove if you would like to discard the pond. Actually, cover the wall and bottom of the pond with some heavy duty PVC pond liner is quite enough to prevent water leaking. You can find many suitable pond liner on the market.

Step Two: Build A Stream

The process of build the stream is quite the same as build the pond. Dig on the ground according to the flow that you want. Usually the top of the stream need to be a little higher, so the water can flow smoothly.

But today I’m going to show you how to build one creek just in one minute, without any digging work. You can purchase some watercourse products on the market and set the watercourse right beside your pond! There are many types of watercourses available on the market, I think it will be easy for you to select one that is suitable to your garden.

resin water courses

The watercourse is made of polyresin materials. Under the high skill of the painting craftsman, the watercourse looks very natural. You can hardly differentiate it from the natural rock or rusty wood. The polyresin watercourse is equipped with one hose connector underneath it, so it is quite easy to connect the pump inside the pond to the watercourse.

The most amazing part is: you can purchase several pieces watercourses with similar designs and assemble them into one longer stream!

combined water courses

Step Three: Connect The Pump With The Stream

Choose one suitable pump for the stream, usually one pump with power of 150~200-Watt is quite enough for one small garden stream.

Step Four: Decorate The Pond And The Stream

To make the stream looks more natural, we have to place some river rocks and plant some flowers & shrubs beside the stream.

You can plant some tall flowers and shrubs beside the pond, as the tall plants will help to shelter the pond, prevent the water evaporating quickly. Swamp plants and wet shrubs are also very suitable for the pond banks, as such kind vegetation will help to preserve the water beside the pond. They will make the PVC coating film that you use to pave the pond more invisible as well.  Put some cobblestones and irregular shape rocks inside and beside the stream course, try to make the water flows more naturally.


Above is some steps that build one stream in your own yard. Although it is not as complicate as we suppose, but it takes times. Please allow yourself more patience, because all gardening work needs time and efforts. Imagine that there will be one stream running brightly in your garden, isn’t it very exciting?


6 thoughts on “Build A Garden Stream – Have One Stream In Your Own Yard

  1. Wow! Very clever ways of building a stream in the garden. I’m indeed impressed by the watercourse products. I will try to get some pieces on the market! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas about building a stream in the yard. It would be so lovely to have running water in my own backyard. I appreciate the time you took to make this article. If I decide to take on this project I will return to your article for some tips. Have a great day!

  3. So clever my mom was trying to get someone to do a little river in our garden sounds crazy right?! Well its my mom and she wants put the turtles in it but i think a will stay a little stream. Really nice tips thank you,

    1. Thank you Liliana. Hope my post will be a little help to your mom’s river building, haha!

      It would be great if there is one stream running in your yard. The trickling water flow and the soothing sound it makes will make us feel relaxed in no time.

    1. Hi Barry, thanks for checking this post.

      It is indeed that water flowing sound in the garden will make you feel relaxed and peaceful in no time! While the yard needs to be big in order to build a long stream, there are many ways that we can build a small stream as well in the yard!

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