Best Contemporary Outdoor Fountains You Should Not Miss-Modernize Your Outdoor Living Space!


Water fountains are very ideal items for garden decoration, due to many benefits that they could bring to our living environment.

They are not only gorgeous additions to your delicately-design garden, their silvery flowing water will entertain all your guests and please the visiting wildlife in your garden as well.

For many years, the fountain industry has been evolving with abundant distinctive designs arising to meet the different tastes of the garden landscapers.

Natural and classical fountain designs have enjoyed high popularity for many years. While contemporary outdoor fountains, with their simple and clean designs, are favored by increasing amount of gardeners in recent years. They can blend well into your living space.

Cascading Ledgestone Slate and Metal Contemporary Outdoor Water Fountain,41-Inch


Cascading Ledgestone Slate and Metal Contemporary Outdoor Water Fountain

Material: Metal and slate

Dimension: 13.5″ W x 11″ D x 41.75″ H

Product Weight: 24 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump


Price:Check here

Why We Pick It:

Metal-Contemporary-Outdoor-Water-FountainThe fountain body is constructed with durable metal, with dark bronze painting in smooth wood texture. 4 pieces artistic thin slates are embedded in the fountain body.

No plumbing is necessary to install the fountain. The included powerful submersible pump drives the water spouted out from the slate wall and falls into the water tank, where the water is recirculated.

The design of this contemporary outdoor fountain is quite clean and simple. Its smooth surface makes the cleaning and maintenance of the fountain very easy. Wiping it whenever there is dusts or debris collecting on this outdoor fountain.

Although there is no LED equip on this fountain, people can focus more on the water flow and save the trouble of replacing the LED, which might easily broke.

The magnificent water flowing sound could be heard afar. It surely will add peaceful touch to your environment and please all of your visiting guests when setting in at the entrance of the door or in your nice garden.

Black Ball Solar Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light, Includes Battery Pack

Black Ball Solar Powered Outdoor Garden and Patio Water Fountain, 30-Inch

Material: Durable polyresin

Dimension: 9.75″ Square x 29.75″ H

Product Weight: 8 lbs

Accessory: One solar pump, LED light and one solar panel

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Black-Ball-Solar-Outdoor-Water-Fountain-with-LED-LightLightweight while durable resin material, leading to this contemporary outdoor fountain weighs only amazingly 8 pounds! Thus allows easy maneuverability and can be placed anywhere in the garden.

Features with a twisty geometric base and one round ball tops on it. Its finely black finishing makes the fountain look modern naturally and can seam well with any contemporary garden accent.

The fountain comes with one solar pump, whenever their is sunlight shedding on the panel, the solar pump will enable the water emerging from the top of the round ball and fall smoothly down.

Even when it is cloudy or at night, the built-in battery pack in the solar panel can still back up the fountain to run at most 4 hours if fully charged by sunlight.

LED lights will work at night and will turn on/off automatically.

The whole set of fountain will create a soothing, inviting and mesmerizing exterior display that you’ll want to watch and listen to for hours, even at night.

Flowing Falls Contemporary Outdoor Fountain, 25 Inch

Monterno Flowing Falls Outdoor Garden Water Fountain, 25 Inch Tall

Material: Durable polyresin

Dimension: 10.5″ W x 20″ L x 25.5″ H

Product Weight: 27 lbs

Accessory: One low voltage pump and one LED light


Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Flowing-Falls-Contemporary-Outdoor-FountainsFeatures sleek fountain body with smooth edges. One round bowl setting beneath the body.

The striking contrast of white and black painting colors presents this fountain as concise style of Modernism work and will surely be an eye-catching spot in your delicate design garden.

The equipped powerful while safely low voltage pump make the water gush from the open mouth on the top of the fountain and fall into the bowl beneath, creating soothing and silvery water flowing sound.

Durable construction material ensures its long term stable performance. You can rest assured to enjoy the peaceful ambiance brought by this fountain in your yard.

Cast Stone Concrete Contemporary Outdoor Fountain By Campania International


Girona Fountain by Campania International

Material: Cast stone concrete

Dimension: 30″ W x 15″ H

Product Weight: 318 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump

Warranty: Check supplier for details

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Built in strong cast stone concrete, this heavy-duty fountain will surely make a statement in your garden.

Features with bowl-shape body, the water feature design is versatile in complementing any garden style, from traditional to modern ones.

Made in USA. Although the price is a bit hefty, its premium material and fine craftsmanship guarantee worry-free enjoyment and make this fountain stands to spruce up your space for many years to come.

The included whisper-quiet pump enable the water bubbles on the top of the fountains and then be recirculated. Thus, no additional plumping is needed, calling for quite simple installation.

This modern outdoor fountain can be set anywhere in your garden. But it is mostly advised to set it near the flower pots or the lush green bushes where the birds might hover, making your garden more inviting to the avian friends.

Bjorn Modern Outdoor Fountain/Birdbath by Campania International


Bjorn Fountain/Birdbath by Campania International

Material: Cast stone concrete

Dimension: 25″ tall by 18″ wide

Product Weight: 125 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump

Warranty: Check with supplier for details

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Another contemporary outdoor fountain made in durable cast stone concrete. This material is extremely popular due to its incredible strength and durability and ability to simulate the look and texture of natural stone.

Features with a square base will slight slopes and one artistic top basin. This fountain/birdbath looks both classical and contemporary, making it a stylish addition to any environment.

Soothingly gurgled up water brought by the included pump creates highly pleasing visual effect. It will definitely please your family and awe all your guests.

The same hold true for your feathered avian friends. The relaxing water rejoices the birds naturally, making your garden an attractive habitat for them.

Made in USA ensures top quality standard and hassle free enjoyment.

Flowing Curves Modern Outdoor Fountain With LED Light

Modern Flowing Curves Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light , 30-Inch

Material: Polyresin

Dimension: 9.75″ W x 16″ D x 30″ H

Product Weight: 21.6 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump and three LED lights

Warranty: 1 Year

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Flowing-Curves-Modern-Outdoor-FountainA fountain brims with contemporary accents. Featuring a modern, curved design, this statuesque fountain will lend intriguing charms to your living space instantly.

The included quiet pump will drive the water spewed from the top of fountain, and then cascades down, eventually falls back into the water reservoir.

Soft water flowing and twinkling LED lights will bring you into a beautiful fairly land.

Durable resin construction material assures long-lasting beauty and easy maneuverability.

Powys Contemporary Outdoor Fountain/Birdbath By Campania International


Powys Fountain by Campania International

Material: Cast stone concrete

Dimension: 25.25″ tall by 18.25″ wide

Product Weight: 93 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump

Warranty: Check with supplier for details

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

This fountain proves that a water feature could be so simple while deliver no less pleasing effects than other richly designed ones.

Gentle bubbling water thanks to the quiet pump will not only relax you, but also will be attractive to the visiting birds.

Made in USA with premium cast stone concrete, this contemporary water fountain stands to bring you long-lasting and endless enjoyment.

Modern Arched Waterfall Contemporary Outdoor Fountain, 24-Inch Tall

Sunnydaze Modern Arched Outdoor Waterfall Fountain, Patio and Backyard Water Feature, 24-Inch Tall

Material: Polystone

Dimension: 17.5″ L x 12″ W x 24.5″ H

Product Weight: 17.4 lbs

Accessory: One submersible pump

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: Check here

Why We Pick It:

Modern-Arched-Waterfall-Contemporary-Outdoor-FountainsThis contemporary outdoor fountain features with geometric body, with a curved top sitting above one square basin, overflowing with strong modern and simplistic touch.

One powerful while quiet motor runs the water flood out from the open mouth of the fountain and falls into the bottom basin, then be recycled again.

Setting this outdoor fountain near the green bushes or pottery planters in your yard, it surely will add visual and aural appeal to your space.

Built with durable polystone and in attractive paint finish, you can enjoy this craft work for years to come.


Outdoor-Water-FountainWater fountain has been favored by garden designers for a long time due to many benefits that they could bring to our living environment.

It can not only rejoice all your family and visiting guests, but will turn your garden into a more inviting habitat for the wildlife.

Though there are many fountain styles to choose from, it is true that growing numbers of gardeners opt to take in contemporary ones, which are more neat, bearable to watch and easier for maintenance.

While, sometimes it is all up to your personal taste and the decoration style of your living space.

Do hope you will enjoy the list of contemporary outdoor fountains as mentioned above.

Welcome to chime in if you have any questions or comments.

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  1. Wow, these fountains are really nice! I would love to have one of these at our summerhouse. But they are all so nice it’s hard to choose just one. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Hi Joonas, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the fountains as listed! Hope will give you new inspirations for choosing a nice one for your summerhouse.

  2. Hi there. These fountain proposals are fully satisfactory, and a great suggestion of natural and classical fountain designs. I love their simple and pure designs. I will certainly think about replacing one of the fountains in my seaside house. Thanks.

  3. Great review on these lovely fountains!
    Surely will add beauty to garden.

    If I were to buy, I’m going to pick the Flowing Curve Modern Outdoor Fountain
    with LED. It looks unique and attractive too.

    Just a little concern on those LED lights, what’s the “lifespan” of it?

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