9 Effective Ways To Repel Mosquitoes In Yard-Enjoy Mosquito Free Summer


With summer in its full swing, it is time to organize more events in the open ares and enjoy the outdoors time with your family and friends.

However, the nice moments could be easily ruined by the unpleasant visiting guests – mosquitoes, that arising with the warm weather.

One “kiss” on your skin will leave one itchy spot. What’s worse, some mosquito species are tending to spread deadly diseases like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever.

To stop the bombardment of this bothersome insect. Here we will list 9 effective ways to repel mosquitoes in yard.

Hopefully will help you get rid of the mosquitoes infestation once and for all.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Eliminate All Standing Water If Possible

waterlogging-areasMosquitoes are flocking to your garden out of attractions by the standing water.

Female mosquitoes, which reproduce their future generations, prefer to lay their eggs inside the stagnant water, where their eggs are safe and will not be flowed away.

The standing water can be clogged rain gutters, wet mulch, containers, and wet areas of your lawn.

By removing the waterlogged areas, you will make your environment less appealing to the mosquitoes and lay a solid foundation to steer them way from your space.

There are always some stagnant water that we cannot get rid of such as that in water fountain, bird bath, garden pond etc.

Luckily, a bundle of ways are available to make these areas inhabitable for mosquitoes.

#2 Change The Water Regularly In Decorative Items

Generally, mosquito completes its lifecycle every 7 to 15 days, transforming from eggs to blood sucking pests.

It is recommended to refresh the water inside the basin of birdbath or other decorative items every 5 days.

This will disrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes with their eggs and larvae eliminated before hatching out as adult pests.


#3 Apply Mosquito Larvicide

Larvicide is a sort of growth control. Spraying a certain amount of larvicide granules into the water, they prevent the eggs and larvae of mosquitoes from developing into adult ones by releasing a bacterium that is lethal to them.

It works in a biological way and is targeted to mosquito.Thus it is safe for pets and other wild animals that might take a drink from the birdbath or fountains in your yard.

#4 Equip Water Wiggler In The Birdbath Or Pond

water wigglerThe other option is to add a water wiggler or something like that in the birdbath or decorative stagnant water areas.

As mentioned above, mosquitoes love standing water for breeding. While moving ripples on the water will make it difficult for them to lay eggs safely, thus deterring them away.

Another benefit for adding water wiggler is: the gentle movement that it creates will help the bird easier identify the water when hovering on the sky, thus attracting more avian friends to cool themselves in your garden.

#5 Biological Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trap

Instead of favoring any particular product’s brand here, we would say mosquito trap machine is a big killer for the blood sucking pests.

Mosquitoes are attracted to their blood source by the carbon dioxide, heat, body odor etc. that we are shedding through our breath and skin.

The trap is designed in bionic principles, mimicking the atmosphere similar to the ones that our human body sheds. And release the atmosphere into the air, which will create irresistible temptation to the mosquito population.

The pulling force provided by the fan built inside the trap machine can inhale and air dry the mosquitoes, exterminating the virus that they carry as well.

The whole process does not involve chemicals, thus is very environmentally safe.

This machine is so powerful that it can provide protection coverage about 10-40 thousands square feets, but also calls for a hefty price.

Thus it is not recommended unless you have a huge yard that covers many acreages or you get big amount of budget.

A more economical alternative to that would be automatic mosquito misting system. It is smartly designed to be conveniently applied. Programmed remote control, you can set misting times and the device will spray mosquito insecticide concentrate at those set times.

The misting system could be either charged by solar or 110V electrical outlet. And it is designed to protect a huge coverage as well.

SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System

#6 Mosquito Killer LED

Garden will not be complete without intriguing Led illuminating its beauty at night.

Instead of lighting your landscape alone, there are many nicely designed mosquito Killer Led available on the market.

The Led can not only serve the function of illumination, but also play an important role in eliminating the annoying mosquitoes.

The UV purple light that they produce will create irresistible temptation to the mosquitoes and kill them by the built-in high-voltage power grid. Output of the current typically is less than 10mA, thus naturally safe for the human beings and animals hanging around in the yard.

Powered by solar, making it unnecessary for additional wires. They look very neat and will blend well into your landscape.

Solar Mosquito Killer LED Lamp Waterproof Outdoor Garden Yard Lawn Light

#7 Apply Mosquito Insecticide Or Repellent

When coming to repel mosquitoes in yard, obviously the most direct way would be utilizing mosquito repellent.

However, keep in mind that sticking to the standard of environmentally safe and targeted when choosing such products.

Nontarget and toxic insecticides are inclined to seriously hurt the other beneficial insects. And will pose potential chemical risks to our human beings as well.

Fortunately, there are some natural remedy repellents that could get the job perfectly done in your patio. They are designed in natural formula, containing no chemicals, so is environmentally safe and safe for animals and humans.

#8 Grow Mosquitoes-Repelling Plants

Speaking of driving away mosquitoes in environmentally safe ways, we cannot afford to neglect the natural plants that boast amazing repelling effects for those nasty pests.

Planting the mosquitoes-repelling plants in the garden will not only spruce up your space and rejoice you with ravishing fragrance, they are surely will help to daunt the annoying pests.


Mint is familiar to us as a major source of components for refreshing oils.

The volatile substances such as peppermint oil and menthol that contains in its leaves can dispel mosquitoes to a certain extent.

Apart from that, mint can also help to purify the environment and refresh the air.



Lavender gets bluish violet flowers, brimming with strong romantic touch. Tons of people are fond of its delicate fragrance.

Essential oils refined from lavender are very popular on the market. Actually, it is excellent plants for sterilization and pests expelling as well.



Rosemary is a precious spice plant that emits freshing scent during its growing season, while mosquitoes are intolerant of that smell.



Jasmine is a very popular plant. Its flowers are delicate white and rich in refreshing aroma.

In the hot summer, jasmine flowers can be put indoors to kill bacillus of tuberculosis, dysentery, diphtheria.

And its fragrance is natural mosquitoes repellent. Many mosquitoes-repelling products on the market get the aroma of jasmine.


Apart from the above mentioned species, there are many other visually appealing plants that could frighten away the mosquitoes such as geranium, marigold.

#9 Keep Larvae-Feeding Aquatic Creatures

Some fish are famous for their aggressively preying on mosquito larvae, such as guppy (Poecilia reticulata) and western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) .

They will feed on larvae when keeping them in the pond or pool, thus gradually lower the future mosquito population.

guppy fish
Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

But be sure that the fish are native to your area to avoid any ecological risks.


cosy-garden-in-summerA mosquito-free yard will surly make you fully enjoy the outdoors life during the summer season, without worrying your kids bitten by this disease-harboring pest or your guests get many itchy swellings on their skin, leaving the delicate planed party been totally destroyed.

However, the mosquitoes are resilient pests, there is no quick fix approach to get rid of them once for all easily.

To repel mosquitoes in yard, one combination of several methods should be established and applied.

While we dislike mosquitoes and are consistently seeking ways to sweeping them away from our living space, they do have a position in the global ecosystem.

For instance, the adult mosquitoes are one of the most important food sources for birds, bats and dragonflies etc.

Their larvae will treat fish, frogs and other aquatic creatures.

They do deserve a place in the natural world, but just not should be in your yard.

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