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20 Amazing Gifts For Zen Lovers

Zen has reached far beyond the scope of religion in Japan, and has closely associated with practically all art forms, such as music, ikebana, tea ceremony, literature, kendo, etc. Moreover, zen has been widely applied nowadays in psychological counseling, mental health and daily cares. Thanks to its healing effect and…

Trendy And Inspiring Garden Gate Styles

Garden gate acts as the primary focal point of your delicately designed courtyard. And it offers visitors glimpses into the garden owner’s interest in maintaining the property. An intriguing garden will not only protect your privacy and safety, but will remarkably enhance the tastes and accents of your space as…

10 Of The Best Plants For Office-Boost Productivity and Staff Morale

Apart from serving as a place to generate considerable income for our wallets, office is far from a good place that we would like to stay long. With heavy traffic and lots of furniture, the air quality in office is often indisposed. And the electronic equipment such as computers, printers…

10 Soothing Zen Decorations For Office – Workplace Improvement

The office might be attractive not only because it is the place to generate some considerable income for your wallets, but also for its easy atmosphere and cozy environment. Contrarily, the unkempt office and stressful atmosphere would make people tend to run off in a minute. Office designer and workers…

5 Awesome Purple Ornamental Grasses That Will Gussy Up Your Space

Due to their rich colors, soft textures and stunning visual impacts, the beautifully displayed ornamental grasses have been adopted by growing numbers of gardeners for landscaping. Ornamental grasses come in amazingly various sizes, shapes and colors to suit the different accents of carefully planned gardens. They perform great in softening…

10 Stunning Zen Water Fountains For Outdoor Landscaping (2019)

Garden water fountains have been evolving with numerous designs to suit the tastes of different gardeners. Undoubtedly, water fountains will surely compliment the accent of your delicately planed space and turn it into one more attractive to the visiting wild animals as well. For those enthusiastic Japanese garden lovers, likewise,…

Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Stone Garden Lanterns

The experience of strolling in a Japanese garden is just like traveling within a landscape painting. Dressed up with exquisite decorative items, the garden is overflowing with strong zen touch and healing tranquility. One of the elements that greatly punctuate Japanese garden's elegant accent is the stone garden lantern. Artistically…
Japanese Dry Landscape

A Glimpse Into The Beauty Of Japanese Sand Garden

I was totally blown away when I visited a famous Japanese sand garden 5 years ago for the first time. For me, a decent garden typically would be filled with vigorous trees, flourishing flowers and trickling creeks. While the situation is quite different when coming to Japanese dry landscape garden,…

9 Effective Ways To Repel Mosquitoes In Yard-Enjoy Mosquito Free Summer

With summer in its full swing, it is time to organize more events in the open ares and enjoy the outdoors time with your family and friends. However, the nice moments could be easily ruined by the unpleasant visiting guests - mosquitoes, that arising with the warm weather. One "kiss"…
wine grape bonsai

A Guide To Grow Wine Grape Bonsai-Create Intriguing Fruit Bonsai

Wine grape is a woody vine plant. Mature grapevine gets twisty while robust trunk, with its vines climbing around. Its lush green leaves, crystal clear fruits and partially exposed strong roots possess extremely high ornamental value, attracting many bonsai lovers to cultivate the wine grapevine as a bonsai. Here we…